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Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16241 is now released to Insiders on the Fast Ring. Microsoft blog tells the details: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/07/13/announcing-windows-10-insider-preview-build-16241-pc-build-15230-mobile/#FMFj6wmCIPIBSHR5.97 Here's part of what Microsoft mentions:

  • PC Gaming Improvements:
    We fixed an issue preventing profile cards in the Xbox Live in-game experience from working.
    We also fixed an issue causing Game bar to crash while broadcasting.
  • Task Manager Improvements:
    We have made some design changes to the GPU section of Performance tab:
    The GPU name is now shown on the left-hand side of the Performance tab for each GPU.
    We now default to the multi-engine view, which shows performance monitors for the four most active GPU engines. Typically you’ll see charts for the 3D, Copy, Video Encode and Video Decode engines. Right-click on the chart to switch back to the single-engine view.
    There is now a total GPU memory text counter next to the dedicated and shared text counters at the bottom of the Performance tab.
  • The Direct X version now also contains the highest supported DX feature level.
  • Mixed Reality Improvements
  • We fixed an issue where Windows Defender Security Center showing an ‘Unexpected’ state depending on the implementation of the 3rd party firewall product.
  • We fixed an issue when in Recovery Settings if you chose “Reset This PC” > “Keep My files” the operation would fail at 1% and will revert with no changes to the system.
  • If you were still seeing Storage Spaces issues in 16237, please try again in 16241 and let us know if the issues have been resolved. We’ve made an adjustment to our previous fix.We fixed an issue where Storage Settings might show the size of C: as double the actual size.
  • Still Existing Known Issue for PC: There is an issue with PC Games using the Origin overlay. Use of overlay may cause game movement to lock up.
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After it finished installing, it had me on driver 384.80, but I think that was only because it was the most recent driver that had been previously installed on my system.

No changes in how the drivers performed in CoD Infinite Warfare.

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Hmmm not so sure about this version

Had to force CPU to not go in low power (slow) mode

GeForce 348.80 same as last build

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For me, right click any app on task bar the cursor is a above the actual selector, makes clicking on anything quite awkward

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