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Lazy GTX280m SLi on Alienware M17x


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Hey Guys,

I feel that I'm in the right place, but having read your 'before posting' threads I have no option but to open a new one.
Here's the situation,
I'm running the good old GTX280m in SLi on an Alienware M17x Q9000 - Win7 Ultimate x64.

The GTX280m  = DEV 060A      The 9400 = DEV 0862    SUBSYS = 02A11028

GPU-Z says - GPU G92 M   Revision A2

Bios version = (P0817-0003)

Driver version - nviddmkm (ForceWare 257.38)/Win 7 64

When running Furmark on the minimal 800x600 test, I get both gpus showing up but only the first one appears active at 95% and running on just 19fps while the second remains on 0%..

Its a fresh install of win7 ult with recommended updates installed
plus the dell stock nvidia driver version from their site as the newer versions from the nvidia site won't even install properly with the hybrid setup.

Any ideas on how to get this bloody thing going? :)

Thanks Jean

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Is it this model: https://www.notebookcheck.com/Hands-On-Alienware-M17x-Notebook-im-Test.18305.0.html ?

Does GPU-Z read "SLI enabled" like in the screenshots there?

Follow this guide: http://www.geeks3d.com/20101209/tips-how-to-enable-sli-and-crossfire-support-for-opengl-applications/

Otherwise contact the developer directly here: Geeks3D's GPU Tools

Most recent driver for your legacy rig is version 342.01

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Thanks StefanG3D, yes that's the model, I will try these things and post an update.

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Hi, an update on the above post.

I've followed the links and advice of StefanG3D.

I modified the inf and installed the 342.01 driver etc

in the nvidia control panel it doesn't respond to the change requests from 9400 to GTX 280, nor does the GFX swap 'fn f7' shortcut work.

The only way that I could get the GTX 280 to operate was to enter the bios and disable hybrid GFX and also disable integrated GFX.

(Note: if you start up on battery the bios loses these settings and reverts back to the 9400 so if you want to return to the GTX280 you need to set it again in the bios)

When I do this, it boots and runs the GTX280 which I can then switch between Sli & single.

Running either single or SLi in a windows gives 19fps

Running single on full screen 1920x1200 gives 10fps

Running SLi on full screen doubles it to  20fps

I guess that's probably the best I can hope for on this rig ?

BTW I also compare this driver to the original dell driver and although the dell driver gives around the same frame rates, it is nowhere near as smooth as the 342.01.

Thanks for your help :D

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The hybrid SLI support did end earlier - can't find where just now, sorry. Optimus did replace it. Perhaps  "Driver version 258.96 will be the last driver to support Hybrid Power, a Hybrid SLI technology..."

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