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Nvidia driver install problem (G-Sync) on Asus G752VY Win10 x64


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Hi All,

I have Asus ROG G752VY-DH78K laptop, Intel i7 2.7Ghz, 64GB RAM DDR5 with Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M 8GB VRAM, 1TB SATA, 2x256GB Samsung NVMe SSD.

My notebook is over 8 months old and warranty is over. It came with OEM Windows 10 Home x64 and working properly. Problem two months ago when I upgraded W10 Home version to Pro as it fail to install any Nvidia driver version. Since then it works only on Windows basic display driver. I downloaded and tried over dozen of Nvidia driver releases, previous and latest up to date (clean driver install using DDU Utility). Nvidia OEM driver from Asus support site, even Windows own Windows Update install failed. Screen flickers during every install and gone, laptop still on but screen is either garbled, just go blank, screen can't recover, worst, my notebook won't start properly after boot, needs Safe Mode to revert back to Windows basic driver to start properly. Also, clean installed several Win10 OS'es versions of Anniversary, RedStones, Insider Preview builds, including W8.1, to no avail.

I have done over 20 times clean installing Windows and tried to install Nvidia driver right after login first time. On one occasion the driver install went successful. It says G-Sync is connected, but after restarting it's gone and won't boot, back to Safe Mode, re-installing again the same driver doesn't work anymore. One time, after a clean Windows install the driver install went successful, immediately I turned off G-Sync on Nvidia control panel. Seemed to work for quite a while, I was able to re-install my apps, updated everything on Windows Update, then suddenly screen flickers during boot and it's gone, won't boot. Need to clean install Windows again.

Even with G-sync off, ROG Gaming Center automatically revert back to factory overclock mode "Extreme", even though I set to standard or manual. On the following Windows clean install, I did not install ROG Gaming Center application, but was unsuccessful to install again the same Nvidia driver version that successfully installed the last time.

I made several disk backups of successful Nvidia driver installs, unfortunately when I restore the backup, screen flickers just after boot, same problem again.

I bought my notebook not for games, but mainly for work, 3D software (AutoCAD and Revit) for fast renderings. I don't need G-Sync features that Nvidia customer support says for low latency and no video tearing, all they can advise is install the latest driver release. There must be a faulty chip on the Nvidia display card, that I accept, but warranty is expired and I am not likely to spend another fortune at this time to replace the card on my laptop.

I don't need that extra Nvidia graphics features like overclocking, 3D Vision, HDMI Audio, PhysX, GeForce Experience etc, I just want my laptop to run properly with a working Nvidia display driver that Windows recognize, that's all.

There must be a way or something kind of "INF" modding that will disable G-Sync "off" by default during driver install. As I experienced with G-Sync "off", at least my laptop runs well, until the next time the screen flicker. Also, I have noted, there is no problem as long as I restart my laptop, the problem happens when I shutdown. Best way is to Hibernate, not shutdown. One time also, as I was lowering down screen brightness, the screen flickered, did not recover. Really, I must admit there is problem on my graphics card.

Hardware ID's on Device Manager: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 980M





I am hoping the good guys on this forum could provide solution to the disappointment on my graphics card. I am not a tech guy,  but I can manage tweaking some settings, as needed. Any kind of advise is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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