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GeForce 388.43 Mobile OEM


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NVidia driver 388.43 is out at NVidia downloads. 
Drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us
Release Notes: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/388.43/388.43-win10-win8-win7-desktop-release-notes.pdf
Game Ready: Provides the optimal gaming experience for DOOM VFR.

New Features
 Due to popular demand, the NV Tray has been added back in this release.
 Added support for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.
 Added support for OpenGL 4.61
 Added NVIDIA GameStream support for HDR under Windows 10
 Added Fast Sync support for SLI
Fast Sync under SLI is available only on the following 'bridged' SLI configurations:
• NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs: Any resolution less than 4k
• NVIDIA Pascal & later GPUs: Any resolution
 Implemented improved behavior for full-screen Vulkan swapchains using
 Added support for the DirectX Intermediate Language (DXIL)
• Includes full support for DirectX 12 Shader Model 6.0, features such as Wavemath,
and the DirectX Shader Compiler.
• Supported only on NVIDIA Kepler and later GPUs.

Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 388.43
 [NVIDIA Control Panel]: With cross-adapter clone mode enabled, the NVIDIA
Control Panel crashes or hangs when you select With the NVIDIA Settings from the
Adjust Video Color Settings page. [200353221]
 [Optimus][Notebook][Wolfenstein]: The game crashes. [2019102]

Windows 10 Open Issues
 [SLI][GeForce GTX 780 Ti]: There is no display output when connecting the
DisplayPort and two DVI monitors. [1835763]
 [GeForce TITAN (Kepler-based)]: The OS fails after installing the graphics card on a
Threadripper-enabled motherboard. [1973303]
 [Kepler GPUs][StarWars Battlefront II]: The system hangs when launching the game
in DirectX 12 API mode. [200362843]
 [Heaven Benchmark]: With the benchmark running in windowed mode, a blue-screen
crash occurs while loading video content. [200353866]
 [GeForce GTX 1080][Notebook][G-Sync]: Flickering may occur on the internal G-Sync
120 Hz panel when G-Sync is enabled. [2017981]


driver387.68 (2).JPG

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