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Rocket Lab's 'Humanity Star' is New Zealand's first satellite


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Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck has put an geodesic sphere into orbit which he hopes will be one of the brightest objects in the night sky.

The ''Humanity Star'' is an oversize carbon fibre sphere much like a disco ball that is one metre in diameter and should be visible with the naked eye anywhere in the world.

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Yes he is a very clever man, it took a few disco balls to get one up there, as each trial rocket I think had one

There is a division of folk who either like it or loathe it
My thoughts are its for 9months and he's done something no-one else has because he can and its a temporary thing, in the end nothing will remain
The message for Humanity is probably to help spread the word that another option for getting satellites or your own disco ball into orbit can be done in NZ
Had he sent up a spy satellite no one would have blinked an eye.
Good on him, showing the big boys lil 'ol NZ can do it too.

But no doubt will open a can of worms in what can and can't go up into orbit

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