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8935g w/ gts 250m

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 Hello ! I tried to upgrade the acer aspire 8935g with a nvidia gts 250m ( got a green PCB model since it was the only one available at the time. The dead hd4670 was red ) and... bios doesn't recognize it, yet alone windows - device manager-.. i tried updating both system and video bios - nvflash does recognize the gpu and knows not to install different model roms... so the card should at least be visible even if it were to be hypothetically dead or poorly mounted - which i ruled out. I also tried flashing a custom S-bios with some extroptions enabled and V-bios rom integrated... still no go. System doesn't beep, it just boots with REALLY LOW brightness, 1 % would be an overstatement - If i flash a bright light closely at the screen i can barely see to navigate into windows.. and i can open GPU-z which as well doesn't recognize the card, but hardware monitor does and shows it with 0 clock speeds... Tried different outputs.. monitor,TV... Increasing brightness with FN keys doesn't work either.. So, what gives? Is the pci slot dead, card dead... wrong pcb color ^^ incompatibility... can the bios be modded somehow to allow this card ? Any suggestions / help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you !

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