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Alienware 17 R4 980M Upgrade


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So this is my first time attempting this upgrade. So far I have had to try and piece it together through post were people have had issues trying to make this upgrade happen. I may have overlooked it but if there is a guide or walk through available for this please feel free to provide a link.

Here is were I am at so far. I have the 980M and installed it in the system after reinstalling Win 7 Ultimate to get it on UEFI partition.  I have not unlocked the BIOS for the Alienware as I have not found an unloved version of the (current) A14 BIOS. There seems to be some discrepancies if this step is needed or not. Depends on the forum. They system itself does not detect the card. Not windows, in the BIOS under discrete card it show nothing. I suspect it has something to do with the 980M I have. 980m HW identifier 13Df. I originally got this card to put into a GT72S but turns out this version of the card is not G-Sync capable. I have no idea if this is part of the issue or not as I have been able to find no information on it concerning this laptop model. I have noticed that the card Clevo has seems to be the preferred card. Although $812 seems kind of steep for a 980m. So from just this paragraph alone here are the questions I have.

1) Is G-Sync even required for this card to work?

2) Do i even need to worry about finding an unlocked version of this BIOS or should I roll it back to an earlier and unlock that? As I have found unlocked versions of ever other BIOS released none for the A14 version though.

3) Do I need to flash a custom bios tho this 980m? IF so could someone please provide a link to good one? I have seen post where people have had issues with overheating that were they seemed to believe was a direct result of the custom rom. I have no idea of the validity of this claim.

4) Clevo is it necessary or do I just need to find a particular revision of this card? I assume even after finding this card it will need to be flashed with a new vbios?


Any and all help is greatly appreciated. A big thanks in advance to any and all that are willing to help me out in this matter.



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Strange I was on both the sites earlier now I don't seem to be able to connect to the sites. I will try them again later and post to both those sites. Thanks Stefan for the quick reply.

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