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I can't install the newest Nvidia Drivers with modified INFs


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I have an Alienware M17X R4. I upgraded the GPU to a GTX 1060M. I've been modifying INF files for new drivers for years and its always worked fine. Now with the Battlefield V Beta starting, the game forces me to update to the newest driver version or else I can't play. However, I'm having issues with drivers newer than 390.00


Now when the Nvidia installer has an issue, it deletes the installation folder and all the files in it. So I tried copying and pasting the folder before it got deleted. I modified the INF from there and ran the setup.exe. I also made sure to turn off driver signature enforcement. It almost worked, the installer recognized my graphics card but halfway through the installation it fails to install the new driver. And I have no idea why. I see there are modded INF files on this site and they should work with any Nvidia GPU, correct? I was looking through the INF files in the drivers posted on here, but some of them don't have the 1060 in their [strings] section so I'm a bit confused. Would I have to modify these INFs as well or am I just being an idiot and looking at an incorrect section for my GPU?


This issue is preventing me from updating drivers completely, and this site seems like my last hope, so I would love if someone could point me in the right direction here.

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7 hours ago, zipper said:

Try the latest, with the modified inf + turn off driver signature enforcement.   https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/32297-geforce-39731-mobile-oem/

I would have to use that INF for the 397.31 driver, correct? I don't see 397.31 listed for my  1060m. And I also need an INF for the latest driver which is 399.07

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On 9/4/2018 at 2:26 PM, Link941 said:

Now when the Nvidia installer has an issue, it deletes the installation folder and all the files in it.

Install 7zip

Right-click driver package and select 7-zip/extract to "***"

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16 hours ago, zipper said:

Oops, the latest is here, + modified inf for Win10x64. https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/32446-geforce-39917-mobile-oem-vulkan/

Thank you so much! The INF seems to be working and the driver installed properly.

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This thread fits my question so thought I'd post here. I have an M17x R4 with GTX 1060 (MSI), some time after nVidia driver version 441.12 (thats the version I have installed ATM) nVidia changed the format of the inf file for their drivers and now when I try install driver version 442.74 or newer I can nolonger use external monitors via either the HDMI and mini display port (which FYI is converted to HDMI). Up until now I modded the INF file same as above, then in driver version 442.74 the number of NVIDIA_DEVICES entries in the INF dropped from 3 to 1. The mod still works and the driver still installs but I loose output to the external monitors. Have tried reinstalling on Win10 18H2, 19H1 & 19H2 always the same result. I tried trawling the nVidia site for clues but didn't find anything.


Just wondering if any one knows anything about this or had the same issue?

Thanks in advance for any help 👍

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2 hours ago, Doh! said:

nVidia changed the format of the inf file for their drivers

Review this article:



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Most enlightening, wish I had found this 2 days ago 😂, not entirly sure how I missed it either - Doh!


Any how, Google (or DDG) "nvidia advanced driver search" and that should give you a link to an nvidia page which allows you to specifiy whether the driver is DCH or standard, I chose standard and that has worked a charm for me, the other driver I was trying to install was DCH, also of note, there is now 4 enteries in the standard driver INF (instaed of 3) for NVIDIA_DEVICES. I am now able to get on and play Halflife:Alyx - yay!


Thank you StefanG3D

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