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IDT HD Audio Problem / HP 4530s

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Igor Macedo

I come in this message humbly to ask for your help. I saw in this topic (https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/32190-idt-92hd73c1-windows-10-control-panel/) a similar problem I am having regarding the IDT audio configuration. I do not know how the forum works but I will explain my problem in the hope that you can help me.

I formatted an HP 4530s notebook - Win7 x64 - Intel i3 2310M for Win7 Ultimate and the audio output only through the speakers. After the appropriate updates offered by HP support the audio connected to the headset also, however, it did not isolate the speaker. Audio leaked on both channels. After two days of upgrades and retries, I obtained a brief success after installing software as an aid (DriverBooster) that briefly enabled device recognition when connected. Soon it did not work anymore.

After that, I installed Windows 10 Pro x64 (I tested because the notebook was having a poor performance in win7 and it improved significantly in 10), which was in the beginning with the generic audio installed and the sound only exits through the speakers. I installed after many forums and searches an HP update with the name sp64107 (file version: - product version: 6.10.6433.0 - the other in images link didn't work - says not support) and the audio did as in win7, it worked but on both devices, speaker and phone ear.

I went to Tempo SemiConductor website, which took over IDT and through the link (https://temposemi.com/support/windows-10-driver-support-2/) I did some tests of updating with the supplied drivers but did not succeed , I could not upgrade in compatibility mode nor in normal mode. I updated the BIOS, chipset and almost all updates I found and still had the audio on both devices.

I have tested numerous programs because I believe it is just a configuration error. Programs like:
• SoundVolume View (where I got some information that seems to help)
• Sound Lock (I was able to lock the headset but not the speaker)


images: IDT HD Audio Problem

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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it seems somewhere in the IDT audio control panel, the "multi-stream" or Multistreaming option is turned on for your IDT audio device, which seems to allow both audio output on internal speakers and headphones at the same time.  you need to turn off this "multi stream" option

(in this youtube video, do the "opposite" on configuring multi-streaming playback for IDT audio by disabling it)



I also noticed that one of the pics in that Imgur link you mentioned has listed the hardware ID "HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76D1&SUBSYS_103C167C".

Latest IDT audio driver that supports HWID "HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76D1&SUBSYS_103C167C" is v6.10.6433 from sp64107 and newer drivers (like 6491 & 6504) no longer have support for that specific ID.

if all the above to disable "multi-streaming" does not work or if that option is not available, then it could be a bug in the IDT audio driver, in that case I could make a modded IDT driver but that would take a lot of time since I need to figure out the PIN settings found in the INI config file for the IDT audio device on that HP Probook 4530s laptop (seems to use an IDT 92HD87 [4-channel] audio chip; my mom's Dell 640m/e4105 laptop uses a Sigmatel/IDT STAC9200 audio chipset, which does not have the multistream option and is a 2-channel stereo audio device).


Realize that Tempo Semi / IDT / Sigmatel only listens to motherboard makers & OEM / PC manufacturers and not to end-users / PC users like you and me since they make manufacturer specific audio drivers or drivers with specific HWIDs; that's why they ask end-users to refer to PC manufacturers for updated drivers

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