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Need Help in Installing Driver


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Hello, I'm facing an issue with the audio on my laptop but I don't know where else I can ask for help before sending it to the service center. Wish to try my luck here. Sorry if I break the forum rules. 

27/02 - Connected my laptop to a wireless speaker (Sony Wireless Speaker SRS-XB10) via Bluetooth.

28/02 - Noticed that there's no audio coming out of the internal speakers and my headphones. Tried the wireless speaker and it's the only device that could still produce sound! I'm not sure if the issue occurred because of the wireless speaker or some other unknown reason. Tried Windows troubleshooting, checked all my sound settings and everything was fine. Then, I tried to update/uninstall/reinstall Realtek(R) Audio in Device Manager but it didn't work. In the end, I decided to get a clean install of Windows 10 with Media Creation Tool. After reinstalling Windows 10, still no audio and this is the current status of my audio driver.



Okay so I figured that maybe I need to install the audio driver from Asus so I downloaded it here. After unzipping the file,  I can't find any setup.exe to install the audio driver though. I tried to update the driver in Device Manager by using 'Browse my computer for driver software' and chose the right folder but still it failed.



How should I install this audio driver? I'm seriously clueless.





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Ok, managed to solve my issue by using one of the driver updater tools that I found online.

- removed name of software -

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it appears that the ASUS UX433FN laptop uses a Realtek HD Universal Audio Driver (UAD), which has a completely different structure than the traditional Realtek HDA (or non-UAD) driver; installing UAD drivers in Device Manager only does a "partial" install and not a complete install because the UAD drivers are "componentized" (aka. broken down into individual software components, which needed to be installed separately after the primary or main UAD driver is installed).  apparently ASUS did not include the setup.exe file in their Realtek UAD driver packs and relied on a batch (BAT) script file & the pnputil.exe tool to install the UAD drivers.  Realtek really needs to teach ASUS on using the setup.exe file to install their UAD drivers and re-arranging the files & folders for UAD drivers so that the setup program automatically installs the main UAD audio driver and software components, all in one shot.

here's a screenshot of Device Manager on my custom built PC using a Gigabyte board when the Realtek UAD driver is installed completely (I have the Software Components section expanded along with the Sound, video and game controllers section)




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