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GeForce 430.60 HP mobile


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Driver branch: r421_00-114

DriverVer   = 05/02/2019,
NVIDIA_DEV.174D.85CE.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX130"
NVIDIA_DEV.174D.85EE.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX130"
NVIDIA_DEV.174D.85F0.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX130"
NVIDIA_DEV.174D.861C.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX130"
NVIDIA_DEV.174D.862E.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX130"
NVIDIA_DEV.174D.8634.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX130"
NVIDIA_DEV.174E.85EE.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX110"
NVIDIA_DEV.174E.85F0.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX110"
NVIDIA_DEV.174E.85F6.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX110"
NVIDIA_DEV.174E.862E.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX110"
NVIDIA_DEV.174E.8630.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX110"
NVIDIA_DEV.174E.8632.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX110"
NVIDIA_DEV.174E.8634.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX110"
NVIDIA_DEV.1D10.861C.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX150"
NVIDIA_DEV.1D13.85CF.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX250"
NVIDIA_DEV.1D13.85F0.103C = "NVIDIA GeForce MX250"
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