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Dell SC8000 experiences

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Last night, found an absolute bargain on NZ version of Ebay, Trademe
I've not received it yet, but might be here tomorrow according to trackntrace

What is the 'SC8000' I hear you say.
Well let me tell you
Its very basically a Dell R720
Called a Storage Controller or a Storage accellerator
Its designed to control a heap of Disk storage boxes, with up to 960x drives
The SC8000 has SCOS, Storage Controller OS a Dell propriety OS
Difference between the SC8000 and R720, SC8000 has NO
Drive Back planes
Internal SAS/SATA controller (ie H310/H710)

So only storage is either via internal/external USB, SD card or PCIe card/controller

My unit may have a LSI 9201-16e (not called that but is one) HBA SAS/SATA controller or possibly a LSI 9206-16e (this would be nice) HBA SAS/SATA controller (dual SAS2308)
Both these cards come as standard with a SC8000
I can't tell as all I had to go by was a picture of the front of the unit

Now I could have asked the seller what comes with the unit and more pictures but this unit was NZ$240 (US$160) delivered
I didn't dawdle and bought the unit straight away
Was a risk, but for $240 I can hardly go wrong, parts alone are worth more
Only specs I know of are:
2x E5-2640 v1 Hex Core CPUs 2.5Ghz base, 3Ghz turbo
8x8GB DDR3 1333Mhz DIMMs
Both are pretty well standard SC8000 configurations
Hopefully it arrives tomorrow  as its supposed to but not confident that it will
Would be nice to play with it over the weekend as weather not looking too good
I'll be back

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Had to wait till today to get the beast
And what a beast it is.
Bargain city $199 got me:

1x Dell Sc8000 server (R720 minus and drives/controller)
2x E5-2640 CPU's
64GB (8x8GB DIMMs)
2x 10Gbe LAN
2x 1Gbbe LAN
2x LSI 9206-16e Controllers
2x QLogic 16Gb Fibre Channel HBA's
1x cached RAID controller, special Dell one, no idea how it works

The 2x LSI9206-16e controller are pretty well worth what I paid for the entire server
The 2x Qlogic 2662's are but a $4400ea upgrade from Dell
Very pleased with my bargain.

I've added 8x 2GB DIMMs, now totaling 80GB
Also added a HP H220 HBA as I don't have any HD SAS (9206-16e) to SATA connectors (I could via an Expander)
Just going through the update firmware on the machine

But first impressions are very nice server, once it settles down its very quiet
The P4500 G2 makes a  complete racket compared with it

May need to rethink how I link the servers, the 16Gb FC HBA's I'll need to play with

More to follow, slow progress all this updating

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