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Guest w00ters

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Guest w00ters


I have an [ancient] Geforce2 GO 32 MB. I currently use Forceware 53.03 w/ Pieters mobile INF mod.

I get decent [too good] performance but I want more!

I was wondering if sum1 will release performance/speed INFs. I hear that the INFs [currently] are modified for stability in mind.

If nobody wants to make a speed INF, could someone give me the pertinent INF settings for speed tweaks [so I can make my own]?

http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=6639983 <= 2945 3mark2k1



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Have you tried my StarStorm INFs for 53.03 ?

They are faster than normal INFs (but might lack quality to make up for it)

My fastest INFs were 52.18 and 53.04, 2513 score (you must have a P4 in your lappy to get 29xx)

I can only get that with Ocing.


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Guest w00ters


I have tried the latest Starstorms. I don't use them cuz they run poorly [slow] in games. They benchmark well but I get low FPS w/ them [lower than nvidia 53.03 i currently use].

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