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GeForce 442.75 Vulkan


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Vulkan 1.2 support is available in Windows driver version 442.75 and Linux driver version 440.66.02. These drivers also contain other new features, performance enhancements and bug fixes for Vulkan developers and enthusiasts.

Windows 442.75

Linux 440.66.02

Release Updates

March 17th, 2020 - Windows 442.75, Linux 440.66.02

Vulkan API: 1.2.133

Driver branch: Linux VK441_06-13388 / Windows VK441_06-11

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New: Vulkan Device Generated Commands

This post was updated substantially in March 2020. The original post was about the experimental NVX extension, while the current post is about the production NV version. We are releasing the VK_NV_device_generated_commands (DGC) Vulkan extension, which allows GPU generation of the most frequent rendering commands. This extension offers an improved design over the experimental NVX extension.
Vulkan now has functionality like the DirectX12 ExecuteIndirect function. However, we added the ability to change shaders (ShaderGroups) on the GPU as well. This marks the first time that an open graphics API has provided functionality to create compact command buffer streams on the device, avoiding the worst-case state setup of previous indirect drawing methods.



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