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Standard drivers and DCH drivers


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As people are stuck at home in this Covid-19 lock down times, we've seen an increase in folk playing with drivers on their gear.
Also seen a lot of folk tripping up on Driver versions
Currently there are 2x driver versions for NVIDA graphics cards.

  • There are the 'Standard' drivers which are as name suggests stand and have been used since Adam was a Cowboy/Girl/person
  • There are now also drivers know as DCH (Google what that means), these are new (and I think better written INFs)

Now each driver has its own INF to tell the installer what to install and where
Each driver does not have exactly the same files included to install
Each driver handles things like Control Panel differently

So each driver needs its own modded INF if a modded INF is needed at all

So when downloading the driver file, the links supplied here are for international versions and our modified INFs are based on these versions
A driver downloaded from here should work with the modded INF linked (but only for that driver)

When you grab the 'Standard' or normal driver you NEED the Standard normal modded INF, don't grab the DCH INF or bad things happen

When you grab the DCH driver you NEED the DCH modded INF, don't grab the Standard INF as this will as above do bad things

I'm pretty sure Stefan tests the Standard INF (he makes) before posting
I'm pretty sure I test the DCH INF before posting to make sure they work with no errors (so no missing file errors)
This means if you get a missing file error (when doing install via Device manager) chances are you have:

  • Not got the international driver version as linked here
  • You've got the wrong INF version for driver downloaded (ie 445.75 with 445.78)
  • You've got the wrong INF version for driver versions (ie Standard when DCH needed)

Other thing to note is you MUST have Driver Signature checking turned OFF or install will fail with modded INF
And if you're GPU is supported with included OEM INFs but you want to use a modded INF (I have this issue) you need to find the INF your GPU PCI_ID and SUBSYS are in, then remove those lines from OEM INF (in my case nvdm.inf for my Dell Inspiron 9750 with GTX960m)
Do NOT remove the offending INF as setup will complain and stop (Device manager install route will work)
If you don't do this the OEM INF with your exact PCI_ID and SUBSYS numbers will take precedence over the modded INF !

I hope this helps with playing with driver install using modded INFs

For those celebrating Easter enjoy your long weekend and in our case in lock down at home, but home is not a bad place to me where I live

Stay safe.

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My system would be a giant curse to get from Standard driver to DCH, took all sorts of removing old drivers and holding fingers crossed
But more recently going to and fro hasn't had the same isseus

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