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4200Go, etc "proprietary" ubiquitous 200-pin connector


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Greetings, all. Book-length story short, retired Round Rock Texas police officer (Dell, Inc in my patrol district, grew from shed to mini-city) and, in 2005, bought my senior-year daughter the most option-maxed Dell business-level laptop, with a hardware upgrade path, which was the Latitude D800. It was $2700. Windows XP Pro.

Problems began immediately upon the "unsupported" hardware upon release of Windows 7. Well known story. But I digress.

The mainboard is the Compal DDQ12 v.2.0, with the GeForce4 4200Go 64mb. I understand that this oddity is unique to the Dell D800 and its near clones. However, and this where I am stumped, the pre-MXM plug/receptacle is ubiquitous, but trying to identify it with specificity has been unsuccessful...and this after about 5 years of extensive modding effort (all guts liberated from the Dell housing, xplanted onto open-frame acrylic/makerbeam monstrosity...a "hi-res music server" with AIMP retro reel-to-reel GUI).

The "board to board (....mezzanine daughter card vga discrete proprietary highspeed blah blah...) stacking connector remains a mystery identity. I have the schematic. The connector is spec'd as "FOXCONN_QT00200xxxx". Nada crossover. Obsolete, EOL, discontinued, legacy...every search term, every vendor. I found what I HOPE is functionally identical, yet.....

From Compal to Foxconn to Mouser to Digikey. Various obscure MIL-spec, MCOTS carrier boards & hardware converters. 

Solved the 'D\Bay Module' secret interposer-connector nonsense early on. Ditto the Media Module. Upmodded them all for the SMSC low pin-count bus, another freaky ISA-slot repurp.

Hirose. Molex. Amphenol. Each has a *verrrrrry similar* series of connectors. 

Fifteen (!!!) years later, the D800 and D\Dock Expansion Station (another long story, but intriguing....whitehat hacking) has been almost "chip level" modded into a Frankensteinian Hodgepodge of PATA/MPCI adapters, TL866II-A EEPROM tool fiddling with and Andy's Tool education. 

All that remains is the thing that started the "Impossible to Upgrade, You Say?"

I want to make/buy a simple passthrough slot riser/extender ribbon, whatever, for that receptacle/plug, but cannot without a precise ID.

Can anyone help? 

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**I understand this is...how should I put it? "NecroNicheNerditry."

I.e., not holding my breath.😁

Old topics get new lives when old folks get new tech to behave as old tech.✌️

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Didn't the Dinosaurs come after the 4200go ?
Was a GPU I envied back in my days of the GF2go, as was the D800

I wish you well on your quest

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Why not get a Quadro FX 1000 Go from the Precision M60 and call it a day?


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UPDATE: FOUR BIZARRO YEARS LATER....many months after my posts, one interweb clue -about a Lenovo of similar vintage's "proprietary" docking connector (a Mictor, by the way😁)... led me to the Republic of Taiwan. That, some translation, and I stumbled over "oem development boards" used for debugging Chinese Compal and Compaq OEM mobos.

"Fantastic! Mystery solved!" went the eulogy.

2024. Useless information. But, just having solved the crime was quite satisfying by that point.

So, the Frankendell D800 LatiDude! lived until Christmas 2021, happily churning out DAC FLACs as time just marched on, long overtaking its 32bit limit, thus, it was put to honorable rest. RIP, LatiDude! 

The 2024 Heir is a Dell e6420 ATG, and the deep hackmods began five minutes after unboxing. That saga is still being written, and thus I find myself here once again. 

Please accept my apologies for belatedly —REALLY BELATED— answering the question. I bought two used, dirt cheap Dell modules: a 5200GO and the Quadro you noted.

From all available photodocs, either should have worked, possibly with some minor bodging, but NOPE.

NOT EVEN CLOSE, by a mile. Heh.

I was really starting to curse Dell designers' cultlike devotion to purposefully enshittifying otherwise great products, solely to feed egos with a Proprietary Blue Particpant Ribbon.

The 5200GO had the same spec plug/socket, but was 2 pins smaller. Also, it lacked provision for the "Lawsuit Latitude Verdict Oh, s***!" tiny secondary GF4200GO heatsinkfan.

The Quadro connector pinout was the same, but the receptacle plug was a slightly different, smaller by a mm, variant.

I hope somebody is entertained. Thanks for playing, ya'll. See you in the posts!

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To my Nederlander friend: ORANJE!

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