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4200Go, etc "proprietary" ubiquitous 200-pin connector


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Greetings, all. Book-length story short, retired Round Rock Texas police officer (Dell, Inc in my patrol district, grew from shed to mini-city) and, in 2005, bought my senior-year daughter the most option-maxed Dell business-level laptop, with a hardware upgrade path, which was the Latitude D800. It was $2700. Windows XP Pro.

Problems began immediately upon the "unsupported" hardware upon release of Windows 7. Well known story. But I digress.

The mainboard is the Compal DDQ12 v.2.0, with the GeForce4 4200Go 64mb. I understand that this oddity is unique to the Dell D800 and its near clones. However, and this where I am stumped, the pre-MXM plug/receptacle is ubiquitous, but trying to identify it with specificity has been unsuccessful...and this after about 5 years of extensive modding effort (all guts liberated from the Dell housing, xplanted onto open-frame acrylic/makerbeam monstrosity...a "hi-res music server" with AIMP retro reel-to-reel GUI).

The "board to board (....mezzanine daughter card vga discrete proprietary highspeed blah blah...) stacking connector remains a mystery identity. I have the schematic. The connector is spec'd as "FOXCONN_QT00200xxxx". Nada crossover. Obsolete, EOL, discontinued, legacy...every search term, every vendor. I found what I HOPE is functionally identical, yet.....

From Compal to Foxconn to Mouser to Digikey. Various obscure MIL-spec, MCOTS carrier boards & hardware converters. 

Solved the 'D\Bay Module' secret interposer-connector nonsense early on. Ditto the Media Module. Upmodded them all for the SMSC low pin-count bus, another freaky ISA-slot repurp.

Hirose. Molex. Amphenol. Each has a *verrrrrry similar* series of connectors. 

Fifteen (!!!) years later, the D800 and D\Dock Expansion Station (another long story, but intriguing....whitehat hacking) has been almost "chip level" modded into a Frankensteinian Hodgepodge of PATA/MPCI adapters, TL866II-A EEPROM tool fiddling with and Andy's Tool education. 

All that remains is the thing that started the "Impossible to Upgrade, You Say?"

I want to make/buy a simple passthrough slot riser/extender ribbon, whatever, for that receptacle/plug, but cannot without a precise ID.

Can anyone help? 

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**I understand this is...how should I put it? "NecroNicheNerditry."

I.e., not holding my breath.😁

Old topics get new lives when old folks get new tech to behave as old tech.✌️

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Didn't the Dinosaurs come after the 4200go ?
Was a GPU I envied back in my days of the GF2go, as was the D800

I wish you well on your quest

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