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Battery life question


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I was in NH with my wife and our dog this past weekend. While my wife was out about the dog and I went back to sit in the car. I turned on the ignition to lower the windows and did not turn it off or remove the key. I forgot my wife always leaves the headlight switch on.

Half an your later the dash instruments began blinking. I quickly turned the key off but the damage was done.........the battery was dead. No big problem as a AAA jump got us going again in good order. I'm guessing the flashing dash lights were nothing more than a relay cycling on/off at the low voltage.

Question is whether or not it is time to replace the battery. It is original in this 2013 Subaru Outback so is about 6 years old. I usually get 6 to 7 years out of a battery so won't mind replacing it if necessary.

However I have to wonder if 30 minutes of head lights (on dim) and tail lights should drain out a good battery. I believe these are not LED tail lights.

So dead in 30 minutes equals put in a battery * * OR * * dead in 30 minutes is about all you should expect out of even a new battery?

And in case you were wondering about the radio if on at all was on such a low volume I couldn't hear it.


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I suppose the drain would be about 10A so meaning 5 Ah consumption. A full battery should deliver about 60 Ah so your battery is about to die.

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