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Acer Predator 15 GTX1070 display freezing after driver update


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I had this issue about 2 months
Where I had a windows update then my display driver freezes
all programs are running, only the display stopped.

SPECS: GTX 1070 i7 16gram 
Predator 15 g9593 laptop

Ive tried:

  • clean installation of windows (1709, 1903, 2004),
  • cleaned drivers (DDU) & also tried installing in safe mode
  • set things to maximum performance
  • cleaned my fans/ repasted thermal paste
  • disk install via device manager
  • all drivers were updated (except for display driver, since i will get an error)
  • set power management to high performance, PCI express turned off, fast startup turned off

Last working driver is nvidia 388.71.. beyond that i got driver error

My only solution was to use older version of windows (1709, installed in legacy mode) where i don't get my monitor freezing whenever I update the wrong driver.

The computer wont recognize it upon initial install, where i need to uninstall it via device manager then reboot..

upon then the GPU would function, but my brightness control will be broken.


weird because I was running lastest drivers since last year, until i got my display freezing now

Ive attached my hardware ID

Any solution would be gladly appreciated 

Annotation 2020-08-13 105248.png

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First make sure that your mainboard BIOS is up-to-date.

Do you use Predator Sense and Quick Access Application? If so try without them.

Describe "driver freezes...display stopped" more precisely. What happens exactly? Blank screen? TDR timeout? Blue screen of death?

"PCI express turned off" - Why and where? GPUs are PCIE devices.

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Hi Stefan, I have the latest BIOS for my unit from acer website

The freezing looks like the monitor hangs. it stopped moving but i can still see the image. no BSOD or blackscreen. 

All programs is running in the background, since I can still hear my video playing

yes, I tried disable/ uninstall predator sense & quick access before installing new drivers. But i still get an error

The default VGA from Acer is nvidia 384. so I started updating from 384 - 388. 

388.71 is the last driver working. nvidia 390 gives me an error

I saw a video saying turning off PCI express (power saving mode) would fix it. but it did not... (also i did try installing w/ PCI turned on)

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I disabled the TDR via exe file given in the thread.

unfortuantely the issue still exist.

Im not sure though about tweaking the numbers since im not familiar with it

I tried using the updated stock VGA from Acer that also has gtx1070

What i got was the stock gtx1070 for predator helios 500 version 388.90

it works well on windows 2004 without freezing issues

where is can run openGL applications, but not vulkan (since it think its outdated)

Im really am just a noob when it comes to this stuff 😐... as its my 1st time encountering such problems

right now im thinking of modifying a driver installer (inf) to let it install properly 

lol again i dont knw what im doing... just looking for a way to get the latest GPU driver to run new programs 


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10 minutes ago, Guest Same said:

Same problem its makes me nevre everytime freeze i have to go advanced options and unistall last update or reinstall whole gpu driver 

Known issue, check out:



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