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Just ordered a new laptop, the venerable Inspiron 7559 is falling apart.
WIFI antennna's are broken, laptop held together with Tape, sides and Heatsink protectors have broken, one hinge is held with a bolt
Still remember the magical ride through the B&H Video shop in New York it took when I brought it new 4 years ago
GTX 960M

Now just ordered a Acer Nitro 5 with specs
RTX 2060
1080p screen with 144Hz refresh, will be a novelty

Got it for a good price via Amazon, much cheaper than I can get here in NZ

Looked for all sorts of Notebooks, but this one in the end was best bang for my buck
Not the best or fastest, but should do me well for a few years

Now that the worst of wild fire and destroyed house is over and sorting insurance and rebuild, can now spend some more time here
One thing I did notice and even looked at is Gateway are backinto Laptops (via Walmart), they have a RTX 2060 based Notebook quite temping price wise but dubious Walmartiness
Some may remember I started this site on a Gateway Solo 9550, a GeForce 2 based Notebook I bought back in 2003

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4 hours ago, StefanG3D said:


Does it use Optimus or G-Sync technology?

Am leaning towards Optimus, not even sure or worried
Just know it will work
I'll need to see if I can find my saved games from Witcher3 and conquer that a 2nd time round

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Hmmm, not a good start, Acer support website seems borked, can't seem to get anything to work
Was looking at BIOS updates
Googling issue it seems not the first time this has happened
Oh well

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Laptop arrived yesterday, had a play after work

Here are my very first thoughts

NVME drive fast but very small (256GB), so already replaced with a 1TB Samsung 970 EVO
Bright screen don't need to have to full brightness as like Inspiron
Nice chassis, semi small Bezel, Laptop with narrow Bezel is quite narrow does stilll have numeric keypad
6 Core 12thread CPU, supposed to ramp to 4.5Ghz but sits on 4.15Ghz most of the time, but AMD do it better right now, but no RTX 2060 with AMD
RTX 2060 means games can now be run with higher settings, Witcher 3 runs great on "ultra'

Not so good
At full brightness LCD panel leaks light like a sieve
Keyboard needs hard presses to register, so no typing this fast
Fan are on, while Win10 updates, fans aren't overly noisy but there, when playing Witcher 3, fans ramp up, not overly annoying but noise cancelling headphones a must
Wrist rest for right had gets very warm when gaming, HDD (Spindle) is under here, wasn't used for game but still got hot, have since removed
To get to the Laptop internals means removing a heap of screws and entire bottom chassis, Inspiron had a removable panel with 1x screw
Laptop Win10 came with Intel NVME drivers I can't for the life of me get Samsung or MS driver to install so Samsung Magician will work
Keyboard is just plain yuck, I'm thumping keys or they'll get missed

Would I buy again, probably not

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