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How to mod and sign NVIDIA drivers with TPU NVCleanstall


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1 hour ago, birdy said:

I have a HP Elitebook 8770W laptop with a Nvidia Quadro K3000M Graphics. The last supported driver from Nvidia is : R418 U9 (426.78) 2020.6.24 (For windows 10).

I was hoping to get a newer driver (Newest possible) to install on my windows 11. It would be very kind if someone could tell me which driver I can download to modify with NVCleanstall and make compatible with my K3000M. Apart from using adobe Premiere (not professionally) I use this laptop for Playing games, watching movies and Audio recording. So I am more after performance then PRO QUADRO STABILITY.

R470 is last series with (working) Kepler code, try 472.84

template: M3000M, vendor ID 103C=HP

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I don't know how to thank you for your help! I did as instructed and it worked 🙂

I now have an more up to date driver for this old hardware (which is btw working very well)

I tried few games and it seems to be very stable.


This was a great New Years 1385408362_Screenshot2022-01-10184249.png.82dfe90b3daab721cdabd84934ea1e8f.pnggift!

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