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Help with Clevo/Sager p151/p150/p170

Francis Fornari

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Hi guys, I'm lost about this.....

I have a laptop with motherboard Clevo p150/151/170, (idk), with a gtx 670m, and system boot, but when start a application , beep about a minute and shutdown.

I bought a new VGA ( M6100/HD8950) and I have the same problem, and same beep, and same shutdown.

Now I put premamod BIOS p150m, and same problem, anyone know how can I resolve this?

If anyone answer, I will put photos. And versions of archives.

Ty so much

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Sounds like an overheating or power draw issue.

Run GPU-Z and tick "log to file" in sensors tab.

Start demanding application.

Analyse log file after reboot.

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Thanks for answering, but I believe that the problem is not this, 
in GPUZ the temperatures are around 37 °, when I click on the "?" on gpuz, 
and I start rendering, the image freeze (windows continues to run normally), 
the system starts to emit sounds, and after 22 of them it turns off ....
I believe it is as the motherboard suddenly stops identifying the video card. 
because when I put on the new vga card, the beeps already start instantly, and BIOS shows "Vga card empty"

But in windows (yes, i can start windows before shut down) andopen gpuz, this vga card is here.

i'm on another PC, when i get home i will put screen shots of all ...

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