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GeForce 472.47 Quadro / Enterprise / Studio


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What’s New in Version 470 U6

  • Added support for new NVIDIA Omniverse features to further assist 3D artists and designers in collaborative creative workflows:
    • Omniverse VR for real-time ray traced VR
    • Omniverse Remote for connecting artists to view and interact with fully ray traced assets through iOS and Android devices
    • Omniverse Showroom for quick and easy demonstrations of Omniverse technology
  • Studio Application Support
    • NVIDIA Texture Tools- support for new API allowing users to create compressed, high quality texture files with substantially reduced memory usage.
    • Twinmotion 2022.1 - support for accelerated RTX ray racing by RT cores on NVIDIA RTX GPUs.
    • OctaneRender 2021.1- motion blur scenes are accelerated on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, allowing designers to achieve realistic reflections with motion blur.
    • V-Ray 5 Update 2 - support for new V-Ray Decal feature that adds decals onto surfaces at any angle without extra UVW work or disturbing any underlying materials, and a new Sharpen/Blur layer for more artistic control within applications.
    • Houdini 19- support for Optix in NVIDIA RTX GPUs in new Karma XPU render engine.


Branch progression:

472.55    VK470_92-21
472.50    r472_39-2
472.47    r470_00-338
472.39    r470_00-321
472.33    VK470_92-17
472.28    r470_00-306
472.19    ?
472.12    r470_00-280
472.08    r470_00-276
472.02    VK470_92-14
471.99    r470_00-263
471.96    r471_90-4
471.86    r470_00-242
471.80    r470_00-233
471.75    r470_00-226
471.69    VK470_92-10
471.68    r471_59-5
471.58    r470_00-210
471.55    r470_00-203
471.51    r470_00-193
471.41    r471_34-3
471.35    r471_34-1
471.22    r470_96-14
471.21    r470_00-163
471.18    r470_96-12
471.11    r470_96-9
470.86.00 r470_00-381
470.82.01 r472_39-357
470.82.00 r472_39-356
470.76    r470_00-109
470.74.00 r470_00-298
470.63.01 r471_59-233
470.62.07 VK470_92-145
470.62.05 VK470_92-143
470.62.02 VK470_92-140
470.57.02 r471_34-187
470.56.05 VK470_92-137
470.46    ?
470.42.01 r470_96-140
470.25    bugfix_main-16945
470.14    bugfix_main-16911
470.05    bugfix_main-16870
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The November NVIDIA Studio Driver provides optimal support for the latest new products announced at NVIDIA GTC. This includes key new features for NVIDIA Omniverse, including Omniverse VR, Remote and Showroom, along with new Omniverse Connectors, primed to benefit 3D artists. In addition, this NVIDIA Studio Driver supports the latest creative applications including NVIDIA Texture Tools 3, Twinmotion 2022.1, OctaneRender 2021.1, V-Ray 5, Houdini 19, Unity, and the latest version of Logitech G HUB which integrates NVIDIA Broadcast noise removal.

Learn more about these new releases in NVIDIA's October Studio Blog here.



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