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PhysX issues on old laptop (gf260M) and no gpu load data


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Hi! While i don't have any issues with my up-to-date machine, i've got some with me retro one. I'm collecting laptops and my recent purchase - ASUS ROG G60VX with Core2Duo and GeForce 260m. First of all i checked gpu for failure and looks like it's okay. I did 3dmark06, 10 minutes of furmark and 1 hour in battlefield 3. No crashes or artifacts. I cleaned the machine and repasted it. 

But then i tried several PhysX-enabled games: Alice Madness Returns, Cryostasis and fluidmark. And they crash my driver when physx effects happen.

Water effect disappeared - https://youtu.be/5TCDwMnElAc

Crash - https://youtu.be/IwBwWhL_3eU

I've tried whole bunch of drivers and physx versions, no luck. I even tried 32bit win vista with only gpu driver and physx, still the same. I'm out of ideas and already start to think that maybe a part of gpu is broken, the part that responsible for physx?

I've got another laptop from same era - Alienware M11x with GF335m, and physx works there perfectly. 


And another issue is that gpu won't report its load to any known programs. On any driver. It's always 0%.

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Okay, case about zero gpu load is solved, looks like it's asus issue, checked similar laptop and same story

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