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Lightroom / Lenovo P51S and Optimus


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Hi folks,

I have a Lenovo P51S system working as expected until recently. There have been two changes i have made.

First, the issue prompting this is in the DEVELOP module of Adobe Lightroom VER 6 (last perpetual license I have been using for 10-12 years?) The screen will go black om the external monitor and it displays a signal cannot be found. It might come back, or I might have to turn the monitor off and on to get a screen back.

This is a Lenovo P51S with Optimus M520. It may not be working as Optimus properly right now, either.

Along the way several months ago there was an update from Lenovo for the Intel Video driver. This caused DWM in windows to go out of control eating RAM. A known issue. SO I updated the Intel driver manually. It went to colored hash on the screen until reboot and then seemed to work fine and the DWM issue corrected. But I did do this manually. Problem?

Then, I bought a new camera and image sizes went for 18-20MB to 60-80MB per image. Perhaps that is stressing the video?

At any rate, Lenovo drivers are old. I would like to feel I ma properly installed and unsure if a manual update of NVIDIA to 528.89 With fix all Optimus, Intel and Nvidia or if I need to uninstall anything, install Intel and Nvidia separately, be sure Optimus is working.

ANY help sincerely appreciated.



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At first i suggest to create a system restore point before experimenting with loads of drivers.

NVIDIA 528.89 should be no problem

Intel driver depends on whether you have the Kabylake or Skylake version of the P51s. Skylake support ended just this week.
I followed the DWM discussion in the Intel forum at the time. More than a year for a fix - ridiculous

Regarding the external monitor: is it connected with a straight cable or do you use a docking station/adapter/converter?
These are known to cause trouble with many laptops.


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Thanks so much for the reply!! Not only restore points, but full Macrium Reflect backup!!

Let me answer: Kabylake. The driver installed seems to work and fixed the DWM issue. I just learned and it is DCH. And it did download the Intel Graphoics Command Center, though that does not seem to be valiuable to me. So the first real question is ddo I need to do ANYHTING with that Intel driver? I did download Intel(R) Graphics Driver: but have not done anything with it.

NVIDIA - Seems to tell me that Windows now dictates which video driver to use, but changing to Intel or NVIDIA does not always work. And in some cases works as expected but next launch of the program does not. Changing in NVIDIA control center seems to do nothing and in some apps cannot select the let Windows decide option.

Yes, connected via dock, but have been for 7 years? And the issue of black screen and losing sync is ONLY in Lightroom and ONLY in the develop module. I set the cache for lightroom to twice what it was with no change.

So I got a bit scared downloading and installing the Intel driver as it appeared it corrupted everything with color has and no buttons after installing, but seemed fine with reboot. So should I be safe installing 528.89? No need to uninstall or disable anything?

OR - should I use the drivers from Lenovo which are older and may stil have the DWM issue? And if so, disable or unistall anything?



And last, did not get an email there was a reply here. Will check my profile.



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BTW: this is a known Lightroom issue, but not a known solution. Some say updating NVIDIA driver worked for them.


PS: Found the "following" settings.

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