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Inspiron 8200 GeForce2 Go -Need Help-

Guest Chambooca

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Guest Chambooca

I have been bustin my hump trying to figure my problem out. Before we begin here are my specs:

Inspiron 8200

GeForce2 Go

1 Gig Ram

XP Sp1

DirectX 9

I have been trying forever now to play call of duty on this machine. My logic is that if I can play Medal of Honor with absolutely no problem whatsoever (it llooks great) than call of duty should be a relative cake walk for the machine to handle....WRONG. I can install ok and start playing. But as soon as I get into gun battles, There is massive tearing of shapes everywhere to the point that all i see for split seconds are flashes of squares. It feels like im having a visual epileptic attack. I have tried the Drivers recommended in the F.A.Q but they dont solve the problem. I install using the 'Have Disk' method. I also tried a set of Omega Drivers that solved the tearing but didnt allow me to use the Max resolution of 1400x1050. -Please Help-

In the game ive set the resolution to both 1050x950(something like that) and 1280x1028 and both with the same tearing consequences. Ive tried Dell supplied drivers as well.

Does anyone with an Inspiron 8200 + GeForce2 Go + successfull call of duty playing have any advice as to what drivers will solve this dilemma??

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