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Image sharpening bug fix download


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Here's something for you guys without Rivatuner.

I've modded (by hand) the nvcpl.dll file to add the fix.

All you need to do is to download the 7-zipped nvcpl.dll file.

Then either replace the one in Windows\system32 or replace the one with the driver and reinstall.

Thanks to Alexey(Rivatuner) for finding the fix,

56.54 nvcpl

56.55/56.57 nvcpl

56.56 nvcpl



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I saw that. Good job, Pieter. :)

Guess I don't find it that odd that 55 and 57 have the same offset <_<

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Yes there was no need for 2 dll's as they are identical.(excepting version numbers)

Although there is still doubt (in my mind) as if it is a fake, someone has gone to a lot of trouble.

One thing I am good at is pulling things apart and seeing how they work (web design best left to others).

And the person would have to have done quite a bit of fiddeling (even things not obvious to the unwary)

But who knows,

Now all can enjoy the bug fix, without installing any additional progs.


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What bug does this fix, Pieter? The image sharpening slider that's in the standard nvcpl that comes with 56.56 appears to work fine. This new one defaults to an extremely oversharp image and then reverts to normal when you move it up a notch.

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I ofcourse can't get to Image Sharpening (GF2go), so I have no idea wether there is a bug or not.

I assume that Alexey knows what he's talking about.

This is what it said @ Guru3D:

Alexey, (Rivatuner programmer) replaced his 9800PRO with a GeForce FX5950 in his primary PC to add some ForceWare 56.xx specific things to upcoming RivaTuner 2.0 RC15. He was rather disappointed when he saw that annoying image sharpening bug is still not fixed in the control panel. Funny as Alexey can get irritated by these things, and he did ...

So he decided to fix it himself. He has created a small ImageSharpeningBugfix patch script that corrects control panel's code and eliminates the problem...

I just modified the NVCPL.DLL with the changes (using good old Ztree).

Only 2 Bytes are changed to fix the bug. (if there is a bug)

The bug might only be for 5700 + ??

If anybody else can shed light on this please reply.


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Thanks, Pieter. I have a feeling it might be specific to certain GPUs.

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