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Possible official 56.56 that i might have!!!!

Guest JFranks0987

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Guest JFranks0987

a friend of mine downloaded Battlefield Vietnam and he burn the game for me...

on the cd it has 56.56 drivers

im sure these have to be official drivers

why would EA put beta drivers on a game's cd?

when you put the cd in it has a button to take u to the lastest geforce drivers on the cd and there is the file


im not trying to start a flame war or anything stupid like that

im just saying that that is what is on the cd

if anyone else has the game and can confirm what im saying is true then post.....

comments are welcome .... lets not get nasty

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Since they're WHQL, they are not beta drivers. EA is smart to distribute the most recent version.

Without being nasty... If you enjoy the game, I hope you'll support the guys who worked their butts off on it by buying a legitimate copy.

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You'll still need a modded INF for it to work.

EVGA put up a WHQL 56.56 a couple of weeks ago.

These were to be the official WHQL drivers that nVidia were going to release until they found that UT2004 performance sucked and are now busy rewriting a new driver.

BTW - In my INF is code that checks you purchases with the software you have installed and will delete the hard-drive if any wrong doings are found :)


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Guest JFranks0987

i talked to a guy from driverheaven and he said the drivers i have are 9 hours newer then the ones evga released

so they may actually have the ut2004 bug fixed

what do u guys think?

oh and i usually do buy a game if i end up wanting to play it

especially so i can play online

i just like to download it and play it before its out! :)

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Thats alright then :)

The driver will be the same, it won't have the UT2k4 fix.

Do you have the EVGA driver handy, do a file compare.

My bet is all the files will be the same, but I could be wrong.


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Guest TheRiddler

I downloaded the latest drivers and inf. But I've something very weird.

With the BF I see the everything clear. Except te objects.

They are blocks of white. No Details.

The weird thing is that it only occurs with EA related games. I got the whole collection (Battlefield 1942, Road to Rome, Secret Weapons, Desert Combat)

And it doesn't occure with COD (Call of Duty).

Anyone heard that before?

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