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56.64 is out ! / official mobile driver ?


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Hi guys and gals,

Forceware 56.64 is out and available here ftp://download.nvidia.com/Windows/56.64/5...tional_whql.exe

maybe we'll get the inf from one of our fellows here :)

By the way, Pieter, on your website you are listing an official mobile driver to be released on March 1st....where did you hear about this and are there any news?


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Guest [mouta]

It's not the mobile ones unfortunatelly, i went to NVIDIA official site and the drivers are desktop drivers, the mobile should be the 56.54 but i never saw anything about them in NVIDIA site...

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I think Pieter's news was a combination of rumors. The March 1st driver was delayed due to the UT2004 issue. A 56.54 driver set did contain a list of mobile files.

If we can't get a single set of mobile drivers to work properly I can imagine what NVIDIA would have to go through :)

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INF has been modded !!

Your wait is over.

INF can be found here.

Feedback as always encouraged,



PS the website will have the 7-zipped driver (9MB) in about an hour from this post.

I'm uploading as we speak, then the link to the INF will be available as well.

The joy of 46.6kb dialup connection.

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Guest pxleyes

So I fooled around with them, and the 56.55 drivers work MUCH better. Why? There is a better framerate overal, AND we get headlight features on UT2004 that dont show up in the 56.64 set. Weird, I know.

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Guest Korpowski

Thank's Pieter! I tested the driver and it work's very good! (I don't have any problems with the lid, but still with stand-by, but it's an other problem).

In 3DMark01 I achieved over 8950 marks, not much more than with the 56.56, but I thing the VertexShader-performance was improved (Nature-test: 45fps, instead 42fps with the 56.56).

Thank's for the modded inf! The original didn't work for me...


PS. Is it normal, that the "PowerMizer-Menu"-item don't work (right mouse button)?

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