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1400x1050 on eternal monitor, Dell 8100 GF2Go

Guest alaser

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Guest alaser

Hello All;

I recently re-installed Windows 2K Pro on my Dell 8100 (Geforce2Go) and, using drivers

from this site, was able to get everything working - almost everything, that is.

When conneting the laptop to an externa monitor, via docking station, I am unable to

get the 1400x1050 resolution, regardless of what drivers I try. Though I have not tried them all, I have tried many...

Everythign seems to work on the built-in LCD, but it would be very nice if I could run the same res on the monitor, so things actually show up in the right place - plus it's a nice resolution, I think. This monitor definitely works in this resolution, as I had

it working correctly before I reinstalled windows.

Have also tried powerstrip, but nothing doing their either.


A15 Bios

Win2K Pro Service Pack 3

Geforce2Go 16MB / Video Bios:

Monitor: Viewsonic G220f

Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue? Dell isn't much help...

Thank you.



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The monitor might not support 1400x1050.

As its a Laptop resolution.

The INFs definitly support it.

Check the monitors specs, as the EDID might not let it go to that res.

Hope this helps,


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Guest alaser

Thanks Pietr...

The monitor definitely supports this resolution, as I have run it at 1400x1050 before ... I have tried loading the drivers for it (Viewsonic G220f) as opposed to the "Plug and Play" monitor drivers for windows, but that didn't change anything, of course....


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- check first if a bios update is available

- install SP4

- install post SP4 updates

- install DX9.0b

- then try again

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Guest Ludvig A. Norin

I have a similar problem, using a Toshiba M200 TabletPC with GeForce FX Go5200 64mb (and dock). I have tried a variety of driver versions, with no luck. I can only make it work in clone mode... it's a catch-22 situation really.

This is the deal:

Using "CLONE VIEW", the external CRT and builtin LCD both display 1400x1050 correctly. The monitor does it in 85Hz, which is excellent. I know for a fact that the monitor is really displaying this resolution and not some kind of emulation - it says in the builtin OSD (it's a DELL P1130).

Using "DUAL VIEW" or any other mode, the drivers won't accept the 1400x1050 resolution in any way I've tried. I have messed with the monitor INF file, with no luck. I have used other tools to manipulate the driver, with no luck.

So, it works in clone but not in dual. And I need dual, because when I use clone mode, I can't use the TabletPC dock in the intended way - the screen will be upside down on either the crt or lcd (I guess it feeds both using the same pipeline). I really would like clone mode, but with orientation being different on the CRT and LCD. This can be achieved using dual-mode and software-mirroring tools - given that the resolutions are the same. So, there's the catch-22.

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