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Best Drivers for FX5200

Guest mixmastermike

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It depends on your need. If you play games and need all the framerate you can get, stick to the 53.xx drivers, especially 53.81 or 53.82. If games aren't critical, try the most recent, which is 56.82.

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Yes, I had the same results. The latest driver that performs well for me is 84.98. It's not quite as fast as 67.66 (the best driver ever made for the 5150) or 71.44, but it's not too bad, and it's video performance is quite good. It's main drawback over the earlier drivers is that it lacks PowerMizer.

If you haven't yet spotted them, I've uploaded a new set of custom infs for the 5150 here.

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No, but Pieter's modified inf will work well with your Toshiba. The only differences between his and mine are some specific tweaks for the Dell Inspiron 5150 and 5160.

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thanks for the info!

I have to uninstall 84.25: it seems that it make my computer crash.

I'm back with the 67.66 for now, time to slow my computer a bit.

note that I might be back with 96.89.

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