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How can I "merge" the desktop and laptop 56.64?

Guest big_gie

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Guest big_gie


I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 with a GeForce4 Go 4200 (1920x1200 and WUXGA) and a Dell Dimension with a GeForce4 Mx 420.

I included the drivers on my windowsxp installation cd and I was using 2 different drivers for both computers: the oem from dell for the laptop and the nvidias releases for the desktop.

Since those files are big, I'd like to have just one drivers for both... Can I just puth the modified inf together with the original one and named them differently? Or will I need to add the MX 420 support into the modified inf??


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You have 3 options:

1) Modify the modified INF with the MX 420.

2) Install the MX420 as a GF4 420go (same GPUs) using modified INF.

3) Chances are that the modified INF version was based on a Desktop driver.

So inside the driver will be the Desktop INF. Install using that INF.

I would recomend using option 2 (easiest) and you also get all the tweaks enabled for the Desktop as well.


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Guest big_gie

The easiest wouldnt be to put 2 inf in the driver folder, one for the laptop (modified by peter) and one for the desktop (the original one) ?

What are those tweaks? Are they worth it?

thanks for the fast response :)

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Correct :)

Now if I left just that would it make sense? You both are correct. :)

Repeat the options:

1) Add the desktop card to the modified INF.

2) Add the mobile card to the desktop.

3) I'm really tired and am confused by Pieter's #3. :P

4) Rename the modified INF.

5) Rename the original INF.

As Pieter states, the original INF will not include any tweaks if you care for that.


The real question would be what VERSION drivers are you attempting?

5X.XX+ drivers catch multiple INF files in one directory. This is not possible with older versions without some other changes.

I hope that makes sense and it's not convoluted.

Final note: when renaming it would be best to name it starting with nv.

Example nvxxxx.inf.

Dells naming scheme is nvdm.inf.

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Guest big_gie

I'll use the 56.64 I think. I think they don't shut down correctly my display on my laptop, but hey, I don't care. When using my computer, the display is open, and when not using it, I use hibernation (wich works) so maybe later someone will find something!

So I'll download the original 56.64 from nvidia, extract it, rename the inf to something like "nv_original.inf" and copy the mod one to "nv_mod.inf" in the same folder...

This could work? Ok I won't have tweaks on the desktop but Its ok. I don't play much on this desktop. The important is that its working (so my litle sister can visit neopet :) )

Thanks guys!

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Theoretically, it should work for 56.64 :) Please report back -- would like to know the results.

If you want WHQL you shouldn't rename the original to nv_original.inf. But only the international drivers are WHQL for 56.64.

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