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Intel Centrino test utility


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The Intel® Centrino? Mobile Technology Test Utility is provided by Intel Corporation to test systems for hardware and software elements necessary to meet the Intel® Centrino? Mobile Technology brand requirements for systems bearing the Intel Centrino mobile technology logo.

Look here for download : http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df...97&DwnldID=7594


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Here's a note for Toshiba A70/75 models, though this behaviour/issue can easily be applied/noticed on any other non-Toshiba Laptops too, if they have not built in an Intel chipset:


Chipset portion of the Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (HTT) utility fails on the Satellite A70 / A75.


The Satellite A70 / A75 has a non-Intel chipset, so it doesn't meet the requirements of the Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Utility. The Satellite A70 / A75 does not display the Intel Hyper-Threading Technology logo.

The requirements of the utility are as follows:

  • An Intel processor which supports HT technology.
  • 533 MHz system bus: 3.33 GHz, 3.20 GHz, 3.06 GHz, 2.80 GHz, 2.66 GHz
  • 800 MHz system bus: 3.60 GHz, 3.40 GHz, 3.20 GHz, 3.0 GHz, 2.80 GHz
  • An Intel chipset which supports HT technology, for example: Intel 852GME, Intel 852PM
  • A BIOS which supports HT Technology and has it enabled
  • An OS which supports HT Technology:
    • Microsoft Windows XP (all versions)
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 (all versions)
    • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
    • Microsoft Windows Me
    • Microsoft Windows 98
    • Microsoft Windows 98 SE

    [*]More information on the requirements of this utility can be found at http://www.intel.com/products/ht/hyperthreading_more.htm

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