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Another beta leak. These are legit. However, no setup installation is included. Either try the "have disk" method or you can rip the setup routine from other recent builds.

DriverVer   = 07/02/2004,

Pieter will update the page at some point.

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Pieter, came home early from work, because he was tired (don't know why, I don't do much this time of year).

But found no rest, drivers must be modded for the masses, must sleep later.

Cheers Teraphy for the upload, I'm downloading the driver now, should have a modified INF in about an hour from this post.

The website pages are already to be posted, just need to make that INF.

Some over at NVNews have noticed big 3DMark 2k1 drops, with these, and others have small increases, go figure ?

Also some have noted BSOD's, happening.

See for your self how they do for you, but you were warned.

Driver/INF will be on the website, the Forum download pages will be updated as soon as Dontknow gets a chance.


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INF v30.17 has been uploaded, Thunderbirds are go !

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