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Geforce FX Go 5700 128mb Mod to 256mb

Guest j4ever

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Guest j4ever

I saw on the bench page that a guy modded his Geforce FX Go 5700 from 128mb to 256mb. I will be getting a ZD7000 soon with the 5700 and would like to know how to do this. Is their a website with a tutorial that I could use to mod mine to 256mb? What are the benefits of this mod? What are the sideeffects...heat?

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That is the last mod in the world that you would want to try yourself.


That guy got some crazy engineer to do it for him.

He almost completely took the card apart and had to get special parts and RAM for it.

Edit: He also had to hack the graphics card's BIOS to make it recognize the RAM.

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As Bill says, best left to the fearless, they blew some Memory chips in the first attempt I do believe.

I've tried to get the Dude to write down how he did it, but havn't heard back.


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Haha that is awesome! Is there a link to this article, post, or something?


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Yes, I will edit this post to include it.

Edit: Linkage


I think there might have been another topic about it, I might post it if there was.

Again, as a mod you should learn how to use the search function.

Edit: more


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