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Vote which one you think is better.  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote which one you think is better.

    • The normal one.
    • The one that says Bill.

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or this?...


Like I said vote.

I want everyone that sees this to vote.

Also, what do you guys think of this avatar that I made for Pieter?


I will not vote btw.

Edit: I decided I will vote

I voted for the normal one, like some people have said the word Bill sticks out too much.

Comments appreciated.

Edit: Imagebay has gone down permenately, so I have removed the links.

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Cheers Bill,

I'm trialing the above Avatar.

It looks good.


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If anybody else donates to laptopvideo2go.com I might make them one...


I need more votes.

I used Paint Shop Pro 7 to make the pics then I used MGI Video Wave 4 to make a clip, then I used Sony Vegas 4.0 to crop it then I used Virtual Dub to trim it down then I used 123 AVI to GIF converter to make an animated gif. Last I used http://www.imagebay.org/ to upload them.

That is a lot of steps lol.

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Kind of confusing poll. I first read it as "the one that Bill says" hah Little dyslexia setting in at 3AM. I agree Bill sticks out too much. Perhaps make Bill static in the corner? If it were more of a badge layout that'd be perfect for a name.

I do like the one made for Pieter. It works well :)

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Bill, not to give any criticism, but you could optimize your workflow...

Here's an example I made in PSP7 only. Check the filesize: 85kb instead of 500kb. :)

The trick is to use the included animation shop, and not process every frame in some other program.




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I never knew there was such a feature in PSP7 I thought only Photoshop could do that. I am trying it out ASAP.

As my friend would say, I got PWNED!!! lol

Edit: Is this better?


url for the lazy:


Its less than 200 KB.

I feel stupid.


This is a pic of the animation studio:


I linked to it because it is huge lol.

I did pay for PSP7 and got it with my laptop and I must say that even though it might be too complicated for most people it is some nice software.

Edit: more


and another (lets just hope Pieters dial up modem doesn't get upset)


My new avatar:


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Hi bill

Don't feel stupid! It was only to show you it could be done faster, everybody's got to learn sometimes :)

Enjoy your new toy! :)


ps: your first "smaller" avatar is still not optimal: my first try gave me 55kb to have the same animation. You'll have to play some more this weekend...

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I just made a the way its meant to played thing for my sig and I can't upload it. :)

Edit: Its uploaded.

I was thinking that this makes my sig a bit too big, what are you guys thoughts on deleting some of the text, like the system info but not the qoutes.

2nd Edit: This gif in my sig could use some fixing up.

I will change it at some point.

Edit: Do you like this better or what is in my sig?



Edit again:

I made Pieters smaller, I replaced the file on imagebay so he doesn't have to change anything in his control panal to see it, I also made an even smaller one but the qaulity isn't as good.


I just relized I can control his avatar that way. :)

Don't worry I won't change it without asking lol.

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Bill, the artwork you#ve done is kind of nice, but reading this thread or any post of you with enabled signatures is a pain in the ar..e on slow computer (i#m just sitting @ work in front of a PIII 500 MHZ). I would love to let the signatures enabled in the future as they could provide some usefull information about the user's computer system or the user's opinion about anything (no TCPA or whatever). If it's possible try to minimize the file size and the animation degree so even Modem/DSL users can still load and read the threads with ease.


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Bill and oVan, thanks for the Avatars, but your bringing my dialup connection to it's knees.

All these 250K+ picies although very nice are eating up my bandwidth.

It took 8min+ to download this page, the forum would become very unusable if we kept this up with posts by all of us with this size Avatars.

I have suggested to Teraphy that we limit the size to 50k max.

I have as an example used Bill's Avatar (46k), it looks just as good as the 250k+ ones and the pages should only load in seconds not minutes.

I hope you guys understand, I like the the animated Avatars (not many Forums have them, as I can see why now)

But we have to have a limit as not to affect the Forum over all (the reason we are here)



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Man I missed a lot while I was gone in a day.

This page only loads for like 3 sec for me and I'm on ADSL lol.

Anyway I shall temporarily (spelling?) remove the animated stuff from my sig and will try to make my avatar smaller when I have time, I will be very busy these next few days so I will have to find time lol.

Edit: the stuff in my sig is gone, with some input from you guys I will get around to changing my sig. I will also change the images in this thread to links instead of image tags, so you dial up users will be happy.

Edit: I have removed all the image tags from my posts in this thread turning the pics into links instead, I guess that makes this thread dial up safe now. :)

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:) thanks, bill

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No problem, now I just need to figure out what to do with my sig and redo my avatar.

Also, how is your Alzheimer's treatment coming? :)

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no visible effect, just searching the XPS thread for your name brother BILL C 440 and cant find it. :)

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Alright guys, my avatar is now less than 46 KB!

Now to get my sig cleaned up.

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