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Doom III you got what it takes ?


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Wow this might actaully run on my 64 GF4 440 Go.

....What we noticed immediately is that DOOM 3 looks incredible even at 640x480! And as we increased the resolution, the game began to look more and more like a pre-rendered movie. Visually, DOOM 3 is unlike any other game we have ever seen on the PC. We initially began playing DOOM 3 on the minimum spec system, which consisted of a GeForce4 MX-440 64MB video card at the Low Quality setting and 640x480 resolution. We were literally drawn into the game, and became fully immersed in it at these settings...
This game will own, I hope they have a demo I can download, this might keep me busy till Christmas. (a lot of new games will be out by then)
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I tried playing it a cpl of times...after a few mins it stutters and goes all pixalized...and i have to reboot...

Had the same prob with far cry....just cant find the right driver i guess

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Farcry runs fine on my laptop with almost every driver I have tried execpt mabye 2 it even runs fine on 42 drivers for me.

You should try some 56 drivers for it on your PC, it is better than mine so that is pretty sad.

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