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ATI Laptop Graphic Performance site? Where?

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Guest digitalbunny

Hey folks!

Great site, love it.

...Except i have a dell laptop with an ATi card instead of an nvidia.

Does anyone know where a site exists similar to this for updated ati mobility stuff?

I'm trying to get better performance out of my card!


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Another ATI'er looking for salvation, your best bet is over at Omega's (his link is on the webpage on the links page.)

He has become the Radeon & X series guru (ATI approved modded drivers), he also supports the Mobility range.

I don't know of any sites like this just for Mobility users, maybe we should start one, I named the site with the future in mind.

Mmmmm, more thinking to do.

Thanks for coming to have a look and good luck in your search,


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Guest digitalbunny


Thanks for the info. You should start up an ATi section on your site, that'd rock.

I grabbed the catalyst drivers and used a modding tool to install them, they seem to work alright but i still need to tweak.

Keep up the good work.

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Glad to have been of help.

There is another guy @Driverheaven that also does ATI INF modding for all GPU's (incl Mobility)

Can't remember his name.

I wouldn't mind doing something in the ATI line, but time is of the essence, the lads here keep me very busy.



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