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What was your first Computer


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in 1993: 486 DX33 with 8 MB RAM
von ESCOM ganz in schwarz oder wie? :)
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von ESCOM ganz in schwarz oder wie? :)

Nee, war nee Kiste von einem größeren Händler in Köln - komm nicht mehr auf den Namen. Gibts wohl auch nicht mehr.

Bei den Escom Geräten fand ich schwarz als Farbe total beknackt, weil die übliche Aufrüst Peripherie natürlich fast nur in weiß zu haben war... toll, so ein Zebra Design im Laufwerksschacht :)

Gegenüber den sonstigen Vobis und Escom Angeboten hat den Ausschlag die ET4000 Karte mit Opti Localbus gegeben (zum Zocken war das damals das schnellste, VESA Localbus kam ja erst ein Jahr später raus)

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Guest Austiban

The first I played on was a Vic 20 but the first computer I owned was an Amiga 500 with 512k ram 8mhz(zoom zoom), then Amiga 2000, 486, 2.4ghz toshiba laptop, and finally 3.06ghz HP laptop.

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Commodore 64, it was great till I traded it for a 1978 Honda Odyssey...

vroom vroom :)

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Guest bedshapedlegsofstone

Tinkered with the very first sinclair offering the poxy liitle zx81 1k thing...beep beep ..stick man gfx thing with rubber keys...yuk..Still have it ... I remember then ordering a Commodore vic 20...but they were so much in demand they sent another make of computer...a Japanees "M5 Sword"..bet no one here has heard of one of those have you?you could use a tape drive or you could buy rom games for it...I sold it 7 months later and bought a commodore 64....then sold that and bought an Amiga.....then sold that and brought up a bunch of kidz.....then started building computers..as a hobby then eventually as a buisness,how many computers have I owned........lost count....all I can say is they were all in there own right...Winners..always like the next build.....this will be the best....nowadays..for 3 months max


Can you guys remember typing those games for the vic and 64 from mags?


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My first computer ?

Was an Amstrad CPC 6128 :)

I was typing lines and lines of code all my saturdays ( copying code from a small book , line per line mostly ) ..... and what do you think i was doing on Sunday ? :)




I was trying to make the program/game work ... and the CPC was showing some kewl messages .... like :

*Error line 127*

*Error line 472*

*Error line 1017*

Arggggggggggggg :(

We were playing with this nice amstrad gun ( magnum! ) :



This Rocked ! :(

Second computer was a 286SX .... Awesome ! :P

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My first puter was a Vic 20, and later on I had a Commodore 64. I still have the Commodore 64 somewhere...GORF was the best game!!

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I played my first game on an Apple 2e. With the classic green monitor. Big ol disk drive that took the 5.25 in. disks. Serpentine and Larry Bird vs. Dr. J kept me busy for hours! Anyone remember those "cool" paddles with the dial and orange clicker? Bugle Bros. software ring a bell to anyone? Wow.. memories.. Also my buddy had this system called a Vetrex sp?. Mostly asteroids and space invaders on that. :)

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packard bell

windows 95

512 meg harddrive

66mhz processor

256k of video ram

28.8k modem

cd-rom 16x drive

and a whopping 8 megs of memory :)

suprisingly, that computer was the best computer i've ever had =)

never have i had more fun on a machine than that one

they dont make them like they used to :)

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Amiga 500 > Amiga 4000 > Acer 3.4 GHz > Amilo 2.0 GHz

The first step was the biggest leap. And the Amigas still work, upgraded to nearly insane.

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Guest christophenes

To man who had M5 Sword..... Yeah dude we had one of those 2! remember 'Jogger' a game that you could program yourself, it was a real treat if you got it to work. went thorugh various 386/486's onto Pentiums and switched to AMD cause there great and now on a HP Pavilion wit Turion 64. Gosh all seems such a long time ago now. :)

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My first computer was a P1 150 in 1995. The whole package was $1500 CDN. It came with some really lame games, a 15 inch monitor, a 1 MB Graphics card, trident, I think, and all the rest was integrated. It was such a piece of s***.

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Back in the day when I didn't know anything about computers, we had an 8086. Thats about all I knew other than it ran DOS pretty slowly, and the screen was a basic black screen with yellow text. Pretty ghetto stuff compared to modern stuff. i think it had something like a 50kb hard drive. Not sure about that, all i know is my dad couldnt put anything more than a little DOS animation that imitates the looney toons "thats all folks" ending, which obviously can't be very much.

Thats when the computer started getting upgrades, and I started gettin into computers. As it stands today, it's got an Intel Celeron 800MHz (OC'ed to 850MHz) socket 375 or something to that extent (I dont pay much attention to it). 512MB (1x 256, 2x 128) PC100/133 SD RAM (runs at 100 obviously), a Maxtor 40GB 7200RPM HDD as primary master, a Maxtor 20GB 5400RPM HDD as primary slave (but for some reason isn't read properly, possibly BIOS or IDE cable issue, as the BIOS even reads it as A[]T[]R), a 52x CD-ROM (no DVD), Sound Blaster 16, 128mb GeForce FX 5200 and running Windows XP Home.

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You can relive many of these older systems in all their "glory" using emulators... e.g.:






Edited by marftarf
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Ahh..the VIC 20. It didn't even have built-in RAM. Playing public domain games programmed in BASIC and loaded from a tape drive.

Skyrocketed to an Apple Macintosh in 1984. Even upgraded it to a 'Fat Mac' (512kb built in RAM). Still didn't have a hard drive, but had the first mouse. Used that thing until 1999- got an iMac. Played Total Annihilation until I had dreams about it.

Ditched Apple in 2002 for Windows gaming. Toshiba P4 w/ go fx5200. Fun until Company of Heroes came out.

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Toshiba V3100 series desktop (model was V3195A)

Windows 2000 Professional w/ SP2

Intel Pentium 3 Socket 370 633mhz 133mhz FSB

Intel 82815 Chipset Motherboard

256mb PC-133 RAM (2x128mb DIMMs)

Aureal 8830 SQ2500 PCI Audio

3Dfx Voodoo 4 4800 64mb AGP Graphics (extremely rare)

Intel Pro 10/100 PCI Network Adapter

3Com 56k/v.90 PCI Hardware Modem

LiteOn 40x8x10x DVD CD-R/W IDE Combo Drive

Fugitsu 15 GB ATA-100 IDE Hard Drive

Logitech 2.0 Speakers

Toshiba 510V 15in CRT Monitor

Epson Stylus Color 660 LPT Printer

Microsoft Office 2000 Standard Edition w/ SP1

WinDVD 4.0 OEM Edition

Nero 3.0 OEM Suite

It was a special offer at Wal-Mart when I got it on sale for $750. Best quality PC I ever bought and yes it still works and is currently being used in my nephew's guest room as his school work PC with only these updates:

Intel Pentium 3 1.40 GHz Tualatin Socket 370 133mhz FSB

GeForce 7600 GS 512mb GDDR3 AGP Graphics

512mb PC-133 RAM (2x256mb DIMMs)

Western Digital 40 GB ATA-100 IDE Hard Drive

Samsung 15in LCD XGA (1024x768) Monitor

Creative 52x16x12x DVD-R/W IDE Drive

Windows 2000 Professional w/ SP4

Microsoft Office 2000 Standard Edition w/ SP3

WinDVD 7.0 Edition

Nero Ultimate 7.0 Suite

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My first Computer was in 1995. It was considered a 'gaming computer' back in the day. It had a 800mhz Intel Pentium 3 processor, an ATI Rage graphics card (8mb VRAM) and 96mb RAM. It is currently still working and works pretty well. It also had a 15GB hard drive which was pretty huge. It cost a fortune.

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its fun looking back to what you had and how time and technology has changed.

my first comp:

500mhz pentium 2

32 mb ram

15 gb HD

not sure about the graphics card i think it was a geforce 2

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Amiga 500 '91 (7.14 MHz...) with 0.5MB memory addon :)

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First computer in my family was a 80286... i was less than 5 back then...

next was a 486, only know it has got Win 3.1...

in 1997, a Pentium 1 133MHz arrived in my home, had 16MB RAM, a 15" CRT monitor, 1GB HDD, Win95... still remember the times playing Red Alert with it...

next was a Ranger desktop, P3 733MHz, 64MB 133MHz SDRAM, 10GB HDD, Nvidia TNT2, 17"CRT Monitor, Win98 SE... added 256MB of RAM later

next was a DIY, P4 2.4B GHz, Gigabyte mobo with i845G chipset, 256MB DDR333 RAM, WD 60GB HDD, CD Burner, Win XP SP1...

later plugged in a GeForce FX5200, and upgraded the mobo to a MSI using ATi Radeon 9100 IGP, added more RAM to 1.5GB DDR400, threw in a Radeon X1900GT... still serving me well... though thinking of selling it and get a HTPC... (still planning, probably a Phenom x3...)

after that got my first ever laptop in 2006, a Compaq Presario M2273TU, P-M 725 (1.6GHz, 400MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache), 512MB DDR333 RAM, 915GMS chipset, GMA900, PRO/Wireless 2200BG, 40GB HDD, DVD combo drive, 15" monitor... added another 512MB of RAM later

and then it was replaced by my current laptop (look to the left for spec)...

then the P3 finally gave way, changed to a Core 2 system, now used by my dad... Core 2 Duo E6550, 2x 1GB DDR2 800MHz, Gigabyte with P35 chipset, Nvidia GeForce 8600GT, 250GB HDD SATA2, DVD Burner, Vista Home Premium x86 (will change to x64 soon)... have some decent overclock from this machine...

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