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Give me reasons to use your drivers....

Guest Hexotron

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Do you own a Laptop with NVidia GPU? Do you want to update your driver even if you don't play games? Did you try that?

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i say: yes.

i feel mutch better if i got the best driver, doesnt matter if it is for games or just for windows.

u dont really need them only for windows... maybe somedays u want to play a game..

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it's useful when it comes to usability. It's easier to reach the NV Control Panel for example. Also the nView Display Mode Menu (Single Dual Clone Spanning) looks much nicer :) .

The most important thing is bugfixes ( ). You can also visit the drivers section ( ) choose a driver you're interested and read the details.

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The most important reason of all, if it wasn't usefull this place wouldn't be here :)

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You get a whole lot more features with the latest 60s drivers then you do with old Dell 40s and 50s, plus they have bugfixes and are more compatible with XP.

It is easier to reach certain control panels and change settings.

And besides, even if it runs slower than your current driver which might keep some people away, you don't play games so speed does not matter.

That is a waste of a nice GF FX card though.....

Maybe you should send it to one of us?



P.S. DOOM3 should run nice on your laptop if you ever want to get a good game.

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