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PCI-express, 3.6Ghz P4-EE, 512MB go6800


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While searching for something else I came across this :


Now this is a kick arse laptop!, I want one on my lap !!

Any test sample greatly received !!.

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:) SATA, PCI-express GF 6 Go, Internal Subwoofer, Gigabit Lan, FSB800. Sounds great & expensive. Eurocom? Never heards of them.

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Weighing @ 5.2kg (11.4lbs) it's a big beast, my 8lb piglet is a feather compared.

But who cares with RAID 0,1, dual 60GB HDs, 4GB RAM and a 512MB go6800

I wonder how they plan on keeping this monster cool , is part of the 11lb a liquid Oxygen cooler ?

Mind you, this thing fully specced wil be around CD$7-8000 at least I'd say.

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It's nearly here, you can make your system now. http://web.eurocom.com/EC/server_request=e...onfig1(1,123,0)

A rather mouth watering example I build: (sorry about lack of formatting)

Quote  Order Form 
EUROCOM D900T PHANTOM    $6103.00 USD 
System 17-inch; WUXGA 1920-by-1200 pixels; Widescreen; UltraBright; Glossy Surface; EUROCOM D900T PHANTOM (Delivery 6 weeks) $2,999.00 
Video Conferencing Built-in WebCam (CCD) 640x480 pixels  
Wireless WLAN  802.11b/g WLAN + Bluetooth; 2-in-1 Module; internal miniPCI; EUROCOM $110.00 
Bluetooth Module available via WLAN / Wireless Option - Bluetooth + 802.11b/g Combo Module  
Internal TV Tuner Universal multi-system TV Tuner; with Remote; miniPCI card $90.00 
Memory 2GB (4x 512MB); 200-pin; DDR2-533; PC4200 - 4 SODIMM $950.00 
Processor Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 560; 3.60 GHz; PLGA775; FSB800; 90nm; 1MB cache; 115.0W $490.00 
Video Module 256MB DDR2 nVidia 16x PCI Express Module (upgradable)  
Hard Drive  60GB; 2.5-inch; 7,200rpm; IDE/ATA; 8MB cache $215.00 
Hard Drive(s) Setup RAID 0 (hardware based)- for maximum performance  
Hard Drive 2 60GB; 2.5-inch; 7,200rpm; IDE/ATA; 8MB cache  $425.00 
Operating System  None - Choose from the options below  
Keyboard (Language) Keyboard - U.S. English  
Additional Software None - Choose from the options below  
Internal Floppy Drive 7-in-1 Card Reader (SD/MS/MMC/SM/CF/MicroDrive/MS Pro)  
Optical Drive 8x Tray-based Dual-Layer (DL) Dual DVD+-RW Burner with Software $180.00 
Optical Drive 2 8x DVD-ROM with Software $125.00 
Standard Battery (internal) 12-cells Smart Li-Ion battery   
Standard AC Adapter  180W auto-switching 100-250V AC Adapter  
Carrying Case None - Choose from the options below  
Warranty 1 Year Return to Factory Depot  
Extra Battery 12-cells high-capacity Smart Li-Ion Battery $195.00 
Extra AC Adapter 180W auto-switching 100-250V AC Adapter $110.00 
Extra Hard Drive Bracket 2nd Hard Drive Bracket w/ cable $45.00 
Port Replicator USB Port Replicator [2x PS/2; 1x LPT1; 1x Serial; 1x RJ45 for 10BT LAN; 2x USB; 1x USB to PC] - TARGUS $110.00 
Car Adapter 375W Tripp Lite Mobile 12V Car Inverter (DC to AC) $59.00

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my birthday is at Halloween. We could order 2 of the beast and get a nice rebate :)

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your birthday is almost here! :)

That notebook is kick arse indeed. So expensive... I wonder though if this system's going to have any issues... I would check out some reviews on their older products and see how well they pan out in terms of support and all. :)

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When it's your birthay nothing is expensive.

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