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Steps to Create an Application Profile


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Steps to Create an Application Profile

  1. In the nVidia Control Panel, adjust all color, contrast, digital vibrance, and gamma settings to your preferred settings for your application or game.
  2. Save the new settings as a custom color profile and click on "Apply". For example, for Morrowind, I'd save it as the "Morrowind" color profile.
  3. On the Performance and Quality page, adjust all antialiasing, anisotropic, etc. settings to whatever you want for your application or game. Make sure the correct color profile appears on this page. In the example above, the color profile on this page should read "Morrowind." If it doesn't, go back to the Color Correction page an apply the game's color profile.
  4. At the top of the Performance and Quality page, click on the "Add Profile" button.
  5. Assign a name to your new profile (usually the game's name), then browse for the game's main executable. In this example I named the profile Morrowind, and browsed for morrowind.exe.
  6. You should be all set. Restore your normal desktop settings, then launch your application or game. The profile settings should take effect almost immediately and your normal desktop settings should return when you exit.
  7. If you discover some of your settings aren't being applied correctly, open your new profile and put a checkmark in the boxes of all settings. (You may need to reset some of the settings to the values you want.)

Thanks to LSudlow for making this.

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I found a nVIDIA .PDF file for Digital Vibrance over at PNY's site.

Here it is for everybody to read.

If you have already read Larry's "HowTo", i think there is no need to read that. Actually i think they should copy&paste Larry's step by step description :)



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Guest Paul Schwarz

I have followed these instructions closely and there is no effect.

As a test I created a whacky looking colour profile and assigned it to Adobe Acrobat Reader. I followed your steps. I then clicked apply. I then opened Adobe Acrobat Reader and there is no change at all in the appearance of the screen. Your instructions look really straight forward but my nVidia 7300 just doesn't want to do anything :)

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