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100GB Notebook Hard Drive anyone ?


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Yes, i saw that this morning. 5K100, right? 5K=5400 rpm, 100=100GB. So still the 7K60 is the best performance buy as it has 7200 rpm. I never want to miss it again :) But the new 5k100 has SATA!!

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Yes the 100GB is available in 4200 and 5400 RPM.

The 60GB is still the highest performer in RPM, but don't forget more data per track means more throughput to make up for it.

I've been thinking about this for a while.

Hard drives have multiple platters and heads, 1 head reads one bit at a time the other heads are redundent.

Why not build a drive with 4 platters and 8 heads reading/writing all at the same time.

Ie the drive would be layered in bits (8 of them to make 1 byte).

It would be 8 times faster than current.

There would be no extra latency as all the heads in a current HD move together.

The only draw back I assume would be the controller would struggle to keep up with 8 times the data.

ATA uses a parrallel data path anyway so no problems there.

Would be cool to have ATA1000, pumping out about 100GB/sec sustained.

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