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Guest dimitris

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Guest dimitris


i've 3 gmail invites to give away. In small recognition of what this forum has offered to my games experience with my trusty D800 :) i'm offering them to any who want a gmail account...

please post your mail so I can send you an invite.

I kindly please that no people that already have a gmail account apply. Let others enjoy as well...


p.s. : of course, needless to say that primary members of laptopvideo2go.com (such as people that actually write the infs and do the hard work for the rest of us to enjoy will have a higher priority)

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Guest citrixcl

OMG Pieter you can have a GB of space on each gmail account. I have 5 to give away. you can even use gmail like an ftp server if you get the right program.

ok so LV2go has 8 GB of free space nowl

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Thanks a lot guys, but the the Website comes with it's own Email server with unlimited size Emails.

If anybody else is keen on this do as above, place you interest.


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