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Best driver & BIOS Combo for Geforce 4200 Go?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 with a Geforce 4200 Go. I was a victim of the missing cursor line with the Dell driver and latest video bios update. So like a lot of 8500 users, I went back to the factory video bios.

I'm in the process of formatting my laptop since it really needs it. I've tried the 65.73 and 61.77 drivers. Everytime I login to my machine the screen blinks. Goes black for about a second, login sound stops, then finsihes logging in. Doesn't harm anything, it's just annoying. I've read in another thread that others have this same problem.

Which driver works the best with the Geforce 4200 Go? Should I stick with the factory BIOS or should I update to the A05 BIOS? (I think that's the latest version.)

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The screen going black when you boot your laptop up might be the drivers checking your clock settings.

To turn off the overclocking page go to this thread


and run the disable overclock reg attachment.

You should also try the 66.31 driver and wait for another I8500 user to help you.


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