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XP SP2 included driver question


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Hi all,

does anybody know why the two XP SP2 included drivers (v56.73) for GeForce 440Go do not install automatically (XP tells me that the driver is not recommended because Win could not check the compatibility with my device)?

Furthermore, what is the difference between these two ones (there are two different INFs - NVDM.inf and NVTS.inf)

and why the NV config programme is not included (I mean the tab in video adapters panel)



P.S. see attached file


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Though they might work, they were written specifcally for Dell (nvdm) and Toshiba (nvts) machines. The drivers check for specific hardware ID numbers and issue the warning if you try to install them on something else.

Despite their similarities, laptops do have differences in connected hardware, RAM speed, AGP bus speed, temperature tolerances, etc. Even though you can probably force an installation, you're really better off using either a driver customized for your machine or a general purpose driver like the ones Pieter publishes.

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and why the NV config programme is not included
It is included in the driver (always), but some line in the INF disables the install of the ControlPanel or hides it totally. I havent' looked at the INFs to say which line it is and i can't tell it from out of my head, must be because it's not important for us to hide anything and we haven't tried it yet. We want that everything is revealed in the ControlPanel :)
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