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what driver should i use?


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hello, i have a vprmatrix laptop with a gforce4 420 go 32m card. i just got a second monitor for it and i really love having multiple monitors. i am not really sure how to tell the version of the driver i have, but it is the one that shipped with the laptop. is there a driver i should be using to maximize my performance?

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Chances are your drivers version is still on the 20's if it's the original.

You can find out in the Display Properties (right click desktop, properties)

Then advanced then your GPU.

There will be a little scrolable list of drivers the number on the left is the version number.

With my INFs I've permanently enabled multi-device out.

I would recomend 45.33 as a good starting point.

Should be oodles better then what you currently have.

My website link is in my profile (below)

Teraphy has Vprmatrix specific INFs give them a try as well and see how you go.


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Thanks Pieter,

i was able to get 44.68 installed but it won't let me select the right resolution for my display (the laptop is a 1280x864 display i believe). it is all blurry and icky. i have been fiddling around for hours and have no clue how to get the right resolutions to show up. any ideas?

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I attempted vprMatrix a while back and could not get the proper resolution :) I think some people had luck using a Dell driver if I remember correctly. The issues arose because vprMatrix was one of the few to have a widescreen display.

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I would take a guess and say the 52.16 has better resolution testing than the older drivers. I still can't guaranty things will work :) If after testing 52.16 with my vprMatrix INF, you can also try to use the "Have disk" install method with the Dell INF and select the "NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go (Dell Mobile)" type. For how to's, Pieter's site has both ways of installing.

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