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A small yearly fee to pay for latest INFs


What can you afford to pay for modded INFs ?  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. What can you afford to pay for modded INFs ?

    • Keep it as is, no fee, no ads.
    • Advertising should pay for costs.
    • US$5 is a bargain for a year of INFs
    • US$10 wow only about 30c per INF per year.
    • US$15 still a bargain that I can afford.
    • US$20+ well worth it seeing I get alot more than just INFs.
    • I'm willing to sell the house and kids, to have those INFs

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The place keeps growing and growing, we are spending more and more time here to keep the place running.

We use our own funds to run what you see here.

As the place grows the demands on certain things get higher.

Here is some of our upcoming costs:

Upgrading the forum to IPB 2.0 currently v1.3, this requires a license.

We are nearly consuming 1.75GB of webspace, this will need to be enlarged again, and a larger monthly fee.

The Domain naming fee will come up again soon.

We dearly love ADSL connections to upload the drivers, INFs and Webpages..

Also handy for faster driver downloads when leaked.

Seeing you guys are mostly here to get the latest drivers and the appropriate INFs to go with them.

We thought maybe a small fee, any donation of say US$5-10 or greater gets you a year of the latest INFs/drivers.

Everybody else would have to wait say 2 weeks to be able to download them.

This seems the fairest way for everyone, no one misses out, any body that wants the latest bragging wrights can pay a small fee.

BTW anybody who has already donated ( :) ), their year would start at any change made.

The other option is Advertising, if you know of anyone/company that wants to advertise on these pages let us know, it might just help to reduce the need for fees.

This can have draw backs as other sites have shown, but might mean free INFs/drivers.

So above is a poll, answer honestly, what would you be prepared to pay for the INFs/drivers to have them before the non payers ?

We can't tell who voted for what, so your vote with confidence.

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I would pay but I have to verify my paypal account which means for me I have to link my bank account to it, which I don't know how to do exactly. (I could find out how though, you need information and stuff about your bank account)

My parents might not let me anyway and I am too lazy.

If I could easily give you money I would donate like atleast 10$, maybe more could get me that mod status someday. (hint hint)

Since we can now post in more sections here than before, like the news section, mod status isn't as important now.

Anyway I think a few adds would be a good way to go, just stick some on the top and/or bottem of the forum/site or something and it should be ok.

Even if people have money, they can't always donate it easily.

I guess that is my 2 cents.


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Even if people have money, they can't always donate it easily.

A very good point Bill, something I hadn't thought of.

The whole reason this poll is here, keep any suggestions coming.

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Guest truSteh

I think a lot of people (people like me) don't have the oppurtunity to pay by PayPal or something (I don't have a CreditCard or something to put some cash in the pp account)

But alternatives, like www.smskambi.com (some online games I play use that service for payment and donations) would be a way out..

I wouldn't mind donating/paying, because (well I think) you put a lot of time in it (and money)

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I've read it. Sounds interesting. Maybe another or alternative path for payment.

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I agree payment issues for people can lead to problems. But overall this is more of a community run program (at least for information). All-in-all we are aiding users and hopefully NVIDIA to obtain satisfied users. While we aren't official and this place is a secondary lifestyle for some of us I'm totally against money -- not against donations but forced payment.

I'm having no arguments over staying with IPB 1.3.1. Yes, I like to stay up-to-date but money hinders progress sometimes.

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I voted that i would be willing to donate $15.00 for a year. Thats really nothing if you think about it and even though im new here, when i posted a question in the forum i got the answer literally minutes later. You guys really are awesome and i'd have no problem at all donating to you guys to help keep this site running.

Just wanted to say thanks yet again for all your hardwork and pointing some of the "less intelligent" folks on how to get by :)

/salute keep up the great work !

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Guest citrixcl

dude ill donate again if needed. making people pay kind of seems stupid to me. because no one will ever want to join. there is a driver site out there that makes people pay. but from what i can tell they get nothing. they get the worst drivers and the worst support. its just a scam site. but this isnt so dont make it seem like one. maybe a small fee would be good to join the high class membership of people who want the best inf right away... like the beta testers... but really i dont always have time to test and having it free means there is always someone out there who will test it. just open a p*** site or somthing and ill pay you for it. i dont think an upgrade is needed. just get a hackz.

oh and i voted ill give my house for these new infs.

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