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If you guys don't see me for a while...

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Alright guys, I think the HD is pretty much dead now, I will be buying that 60 GB 7,200 RPM Hitachi drive soon, I saw a site where I could get it for $152.

I am on our older Dell Desktop PC right now.

I just read some stuff about that HD, it sounds amazing, all the features and stuff it has. This link should have some info, if you scroll down there is more info about it that is interesting.


And Almighty1, is this HD louder or does it generate more heat than the IBM 60 5,400 RPM one that comes with the I8200? Just curious.

I saw that the Hitachi 7,200 comes with high end Alienwares and stuff.


The HD is actually pretty quiet and I think the temps are lower since this is the only TravelStar model that is lasting me over a year so far even though it's still made in Thailand. I have 6 of these drives with two in each machine so each night I use Norton Ghost 9.0 to clone the drives inside Windows. Norton Ghost 9.0 is based on PowerQuest's DriveImage so it doesn't require rebooting.

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