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Webserver outage to come 27 Oct


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At aprox 6-pm till midnight tonight 27th October (NZ time GMT +13) the servers are getting an upgrade (see message below)

So we'll be off air for aprox 20min max, affect both the forum/website and downloads.

So if your on dialup and about to download you may want to avoid this time.

Just a wee plug for Waffell and their excellent service in hosting these pages.

Please vistit their site if your at all interested in web-hosting.

Enjoy the 20min off.

Dear Pieter

Please note as part of our service program the server your website is on will be down for a short period today (Wednesday) to perform an upgrade.  The downtime will be for a period up to 20 minutes.

We have scheduled this upgrade to take place in the following time:

Date: Wednesday 27th October

Time Range: Between 6pm to 12 midnight, for up to 20 minutes.

We are sure the improvements we make will benefit your experience with us.

If you have any questions regarding this, please let us know.


Support Department


Waffell Web Solutions


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"Enjoy the 20min off"

...with a female :) or similar

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"Enjoy the 20min off"

...with a female :) or similar

"Similar"?!? You mean..."similar" to a female is fine for you?

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similar to female=woman, wife, girlfriend

my bad english...

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