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A bit of light humour.


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Click here then place this in the search bar "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" (include the " speech marks), now click on 'I'm feeling lucky'

Read the 404 error that now appears carefully. :)

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That is old news.

I never could find those Weapons of Mass Destruction anyway....

Does anybody know where they are?

I kept searching on google and never found them...........................


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They are hidden in 404 page, i suggest "W" should do a search with google (can anybody tell him to put the "" brackets areound the weapons)

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What is this about using the quotation marks in the search?

I have never used them in this search and always came up with this page.


While you guys are at it this page is also funny.


For those that don't get the joke on the second page, there was this guy that was making up stories that worked for the New York Times, people were reading made up stories and so forth in the newspaper. lol

There was also this one about George W. Bush that I forgot, if anybody knows it you should post it.


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